'Keeping' (or enslaving) pet animals should gradually be phased out of human culture?

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  • 2-way relationships with animals are much more fulfilling.

    I know animal owners who treat their animals as they do people; they respect the animals' decisions when those decisions don't harm anyone. These owners exhibit compassion with their animals, just as they probably do with the people in their lives. I'm also familiar with owners who treat their animals like dolls or objects. The animals' only purposes in life is to fill some role in their owners' lives, rather than developing actual 2-way relationships and equality in companionship.

    There are many "human cultures," so it's hard to generalize. I do consider myself somebody who treats animals as people if I can, but I also try to treat people like people, too. I wouldn't be surprised if the owners who treat their animals as objects are the same people who treat other humans as objects, too. Behavior towards somebody that constitutes objectification generally includes deception and manipulation, which is definitely a part of many cultures and many people's behaviors.

    But deep down, those who objectify others are also the ones who also objectify themselves, and they're used to only thinking in relative terms. The best way to change this mode of thinking is to lead by example, so keep doing you, share your heart with others, and gradually, others hearts will begin to soften, too.

    Posted by: Shlo
  • Humans need to escape from a deeply rooted arrogance of enjoying dominance over fellow beings. We need to embrace collaboration rather than dictatorship.

    It is arrogant and cruel to manipulate another species for our selfish pleasure. Also it is very unhygienic to be in continual proximity to an animal...... I know we all consider our pets a part of our family, but we need to consider the bigger picture. We also have to realise that it isnt a healthy activity to be constantly engaged with a creature with which our communication is inaccurate and decisions are one directional as Master to servant.

  • The bond is stronger

    The wolf allowed itself to become tamed in exchange for an easier meal. We helped each other hunt, protected each other, and over time, we bred wolves to become more and more domesticated. Eventually, we could fine tune them to perform specific functions, such as hunting and police work. The modern dog is a part of the most successful mutually beneficial intraspecies relationship ever. They would not exist today without us, and we would not be as far advanced as we are without them. This is not an unfair partnership.

  • If I were reincarnated as my cat

    I would certainly want her life as an indoor cat vs a feral or wild cat. My 15 year old cat enjoys a bountiful premium veterinarian diet which still brings her running with excitement, excellent health care, warm pillows and blankets to sleep on all day, cat perches and toys, plenty of loving attention, and she is rarely left alone. She is very much a happy old cat. In the wild she would live to perhaps 5 years old, be covered in parasites and would have an astronomically worse standard of living. If I were a cat, given a choice between the two, I'd take the "enslavement" any day over the wild.

  • Having a pet is a beneficial friendship with an animal.

    There are many types of pets that should be left to the wild, but the most popular kept pets such as cats and dogs do best with humans. We may not have played the only hand in how they came to be either, theories suggest that they began evolving to humans during ancient times as a smart way to survive from our scraps with less work hunting in the wild, and humans benefited from the most loyal specimens both for survival and companionship in return. That's a natural friendship among different species.

    If we were to ban cats and dogs, because they either can't survive on their own or would set off the balance in local wildlife, they would have to be destroyed. I don't see what this would be a solution to.

  • Pets are not slaves.

    Of the variety of pets. Most do just they want but just in the confines of their owner provides such as fish, birds, and reptiles. Dogs, on the other hand, have reason to do as their master tells them. It is in their nature. In packs of wild dogs, there tends to be a range of dominance. At the top of this is the alpha male and female who lead the pack. In most cases, when owned by a human, the dog assumes his owner is the pack leader (alpha). It sees the work the alpha has it do as it's role in the pack. You could look at it as they consider us as the leader of their family. Much as different members of your family have certain tasks to do (chores), the dog sees it's tasks as being their chores. Also in the pack society of dogs, if you fail at doing your tasks, you may be degraded in status. They don't want to be degraded so want to be able to do their tasks. Dogs also tend to have a lot of energy. Just like a child, they feel the need to burn off the energy.

  • No, we help each other

    No, we provide them food and protection and they provide us with companionship. Modern breeds of dogs could probably not live by themselves in the wild. And there is no evidence to support that they are in any type of suffering. Domesticated animals always live healthier and longer lives than their wild counterpart.

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