• Yes he would.

    Yes, Keith Ellison would make a good DNC chair. He has the experience and temperament to do a good job in this position. Since 2007 he's been the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district. In addition he's a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party. I feel he has great experience and he'd look out for the interests of the people.

  • Keith Ellison would make a great DNC chair

    While there are people acting as if the Democratic Party has to move to the right to capture the attention and votes of rural America, they did, in point of fact win the majority of the vote, and gained seats in both the House and Senate. That makes a shift to the right seem unfounded. Keith Ellison is a leader on the progressive side of the party and has already been very active in nationwide fund-raising. Selecting Rep. Ellison would double-down on the progressive agenda powered by Bernie Sanders and his supporters in the 2016 presidential election and would likely garner more enthusiastic support from the base.

  • Yes, Keith Ellison would make a good DNC chair.

    Yes, Keith Ellison would make a good DNC chair. Mr. Ellison has been working on behalf of the working people of America for his entire career. He is also endorsed by Bernie Sanders, who would have won the Democratic Party's nomination were it not for the actions of the DNC.

  • He is too decisive.

    Keith Ellison would not make a good DNC chair because he already has an elected position. It doesn't make any sense to pull him from a position where he was elected by the people in order to put him somewhere where he would just be appointed. There are others that can do the job well.

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