Keith Ellison vows to ban lobbyist contributions to DNC: Should money be taken out of politics?

  • Yes, lobbyists create an untrustworthy political atmosphere.

    Money should be taken out of politics because it monopolizes everything freedom and democracy stands for. The involvement of money in politics ushers in political hacks who network and lobby for power and control. With those types of things going on behind the scene, how are the people guaranteed a democracy. The consequences of money in politics, especially at this point in the ballgame, are more in line with what you would expect from a dictatorship, not a democracy.

  • It is control.

    It is not a secret that people pay big money to have access to politicians. Politicians want the money in order to fund their campaigns. The campaigns allow them to keep their jobs and put money in their own pockets. Money should be taken out of politics to make it fair to the little guy.

  • Money should be taken out of politics

    Money should be taken out of politics. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that it ever will. Money is a driving motivation for many people to do many things. Politicians are no exception to that rule. Nevertheless, the chance that money will be taken out of politics is minimal. It is much more likely that we will convert to a communal existence with the absence of money before money is taken out of politics. Neither of those things are likely anytime soon.

  • I think money should be taken out of politics

    Money, and most definitely private or corporate contributions, should be taken out of politics. Money is used to buy favors and corrupts the whole political process. It empowers corruption and caters to the wealthy and their special interests instead of working to better society and the well being of the American public.

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