Keith Ellison vows to ban lobbyist donations to DNC: Should money be taken out of politics?

  • Yes, it's unfair and a complete waste.

    Money should not be allowed to influence politicians or help them get elected. The amount of money that is spent on political campaigns is preposterous. That money could be put to so much better use. In modern times, we have the internet. It's fairly easy to spread information on political candidates that way. There is no need to campaign. Candidates should not be able to accept donations.

  • It is free speech.

    A person or a corporation should be allowed to use the money they worked hard for in any way that they see fit. If that means that they want to use the money to talk to politicians about laws that would improve their quality of life, that should be their choice. It is free speech.

  • Money and politics are deeply intertwined

    Whenever a politician talks about taking money out of politics, they are just grandstanding and attempting to make themselves appear concerned about voters. Money can't be taken out of politics, and regulations attempting to do so just make politics more costly and less productive. These attempts do nothing to clean up the problems.

  • No, I don`t think it is possible.

    Everyone who donates money, individual or corporation, is a lobbyist. They are lobbying for a person, an idea or the idea that the person they donated money to can get something done that they agree with. How about you start by saying you'll reverse Citizens United and the notion that corporations are peole too? Let's start there. Don't promise something you know full well you can't deliver.

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