Kellyanne Conway scoffs at the CIA, calling their findings on Russian election meddling "laughable and ridiculous." Is her claim believable?

  • yes it is believable

    On CBS's Face The Nation on Sunday morning, Trump's senior adviser and former campaign manager Kellyane Conway echoed statements made by her boss, who said in an interview with Fox News Sunday that he does not believe the CIA's conclusion that Russia had meddled in the presidential election to help him win.This claim is believable

  • The shoe is on the other foot.

    Before the election, the democrats were so sure that they were going to win. So they started to say that there was no truth to the claim that Russia was going to interfere in the election. Now, they say that Russia must have interfered. This is only because they don't like the result of the election.

  • Kellyanne Conway writing off the CIA is not a believable claim.

    Kellyanne Conway writing off the CIA is not a believable claim. The entire Trump camp is based on composing facts and abusing language in such a way as to spin the truth. And writing off attacks with a simple shrug is not uncommon along with that. To simply say the CIA's claim is "laughable" does not provide any substance to support her rejection.

  • She is too partisan

    If the CIA said that Russia helped Hillary Clinton, Trump and Kellyanne Conway would the first to cry foul and declare that the elections results were null and void. It is her job as spokesperson to say these things, so everything she says should be taken with a grain of a salt.

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