Kendall Jenner at the MMVA Awards: Is it true that blondes have more fun?

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  • Hair Colour makes no Difference

    In terms of personality a hair colour makes no difference. The ability to have fun is not limited to anyone of a particular hair colour. This is a personality trait which appearance has no impact upon. It is a persons mental state that determines if they are having fun or not.

  • What does hair have to do with fun?

    While it is a popular notion that hair somehow has to do with a persons intelligence or even how much fun they have, this is totally a wives tail. Scientific research has found few links between hair color and intelligence. If this relationship is false it is easy to assume blondes and fun is false as well.

  • Blondes don't necessarily have more fun.

    Due to Kendall's dress choice for the MMVA Awards, it's clear that one can have fun no matter their hair color. Jenner's hair didn't change from its signature dark brown tone, and she has gained lots of attention due to her wardrobe choice without having to dye her hair blonde.

  • Brunettes have fun too.

    No, it is not true that blondes have more, because it is good to be a brunette too. Anymore, brunettes can ask just as flaky and silly as blondes do. Men don't really have a preference. A person's personality really isn't judged by their hair color anymore. That was more popular decades ago.

  • Because i am not a blonde, so no.

    I am a brunette so if i said yes then i would be saying i am not fun, who is going to do that? But all jokes aside,like britney said there is only two types of people out there ones that can entertain and ones that are scared. I don't think the color of your hair matters for that. Are you seriously asking if rihanna has less fun than gwyneth paltrow? Think about it, it depends on the person.

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