Kendall Jenner, Kardashian Sister Walks the Red Carpet: Is fashion worth the high price?

  • It's practical too

    If you can't make money from selling your clothes then you are investing in the wrong pieces. If you pay an ungodly for a dress and only wear it once you bought the wrong dress. Think clever, economical, environmentally friendly. High priced clothing is of higher quality; buy timeless fashion.

  • Quality Products Cost more

    As with all products, the ones which cost more are the ones of a higher quality. Designers are artists and as such their designs come at a higher price than normal high street clothes. Many designers who make main stream clothes sell in masses and still make a good income, for one of a kind pieces there is far more work involved and the price should reflect this.

  • Fashion is Not Worth It

    Fashion is NOT worth the high price. When we have people walking the red carpet that have no reason to be there, who have no discernible job or skills, just "famous for being famous' it sets an unrealistic standard that you can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle without having to put any work or effort into anything.

  • No it is not

    Coming from a males perspective, I do not see the value in fashion. Normally when you make an investment in something you are able to sell it and make your money back. However that is not the case with fashion. You pay an ungodly amount for a dress to be worn once.

  • It is fleeting.

    No, fashion is not worth the high price, because what is fashionable today will not be five years from now. For must of us, fashion isn't practical. If you live somewhere where it is very cold, it does not make sense to wear high-heels. If you live somewhere warm, you have to wear your hair up. Fashion should be second to function.

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