• Jphn Kerry deserves purple hearts on a technicality

    Technically, John Kerry does deserve the purple hearts as he meets the criteria of having been injured during conflict requiring attention by a medical officer. There is no stipulation about the severity of the wound therefore technically he does deserve them. Other people will have been in the same position. Whether or not purple hearts should be given for minor wounds is another debate.

  • Yes, it's the rule not the exception.

    The criteria for the Purple Heart warrants it's awarding after a soldier sustains an injury requiring treatment by a medical officer during service. The rules make no distinction as to the severity or other stipulations. Was John Kerry injured on 3 occasions during his tenure in Vietnam; yes. Case closed.

  • No he did not deserve 3 purple hearts

    I definitely think if he was just a regular American Citizen he would not have received 3 purple hearts. His wounds were not that serious. There are thousands of American Soldiers who have experienced more severe wounds and never receive anything. I think it is strictly political and should nto have been given to him and takes away from the whole thing.

  • He signed up for them.

    No, John Kerry did not deserve his 3 purple hearts, because his injuries were not severe. Kerry found a way to call himself injured, and then he filed the paperwork to get the purple hearts. He knew that he would run for office one day, and he got the purple hearts so he could say later on that he had them.

  • He deserves to be locked in a room with three REAL purple heart winners for an hour

    Perhaps they could kick some sense into him - the guy's always been a lying, self-serving, elitist lacking qualification for any position he's held other than he can kiss ass, Daddy has connections, and lie and trick enough people into believing his BS - he's repeatedly proven his incompetence and utter disregard for anything or anyone that doesn't advance him

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