Kesha and Dr. Luke: Should artists have to strictly follow the terms of recording contracts?

  • Yes, the terms should be followed

    Rules were not made to be broken. If somebody signs the contract, it means that he or she agrees with its terms and conditions. Those terms were made for a reason, so the company could run its business properly. Even when only one person disobeys the rules, it could cause a domino effect. The law should be equal for everybody.

  • Yes, that is the bad side of recording contracts.

    Artists should follow the terms of their recording contracts. Those contracts are a bad thing, but without them, you have almost no chance of becoming someone in the music industry. After all, nobody makes you sign any contracts you don't want. Just like everyone has to follow their contracts. so do artists.

  • They signed up for it

    A lot of times, a recording artist will sign a contract before they are very famous. In that way, the record company is giving a person a chance and helping them work their way up. If the person becomes famous, the record company should be able to cash in. After all, they bet on the person in the first place.

  • Yes, a artist should follow the contract signed.

    Video showed that Kesha lied about the reason she wanted to be out of the contract and wanted to go on her own. She realized that due to the contract she did would not be possible unless the company dropped her. The company helped made her career and she wanted more money and did whatever it took to break the contract.

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