Kesha files lawsuit against producer: Is this a big move in terms of women standing up to their abusers?

  • Women standing up against abusers

    If Kesha was abused, she should file a suit against the person who abused her. And if her producer was involved he or she should be involved in the law suit also. Women need to stand up to abusers so the abuse can stopp all over the world. People need to be aware!!

  • Women In Entertainment Speak Up

    The entertainment industry has a history of the exploitation of women. From the dawn of the Golden Age of film, jokes circulated about casting directors asking women to sleep with them in exchange for roles in film. It is about time women stand up and say enough is enough, Kesha is a victim of abuse that is standing up for herself and shows women across America that it is ok to speak up about abuse. The only way to stop abuse is to talk about

  • Yes, this is a big move for women standing up to their abusers.

    As anyone at all familiar with the issue is aware, all too often those who have been sexually abusive to a woman go free because the woman who was mistreated is too embarrassed or afraid to publicly denounce them and press charges. This move by Kesha, then is a huge move for women, as seeing a successfully, respected woman come forward and say that she was abused should help give courage and inspiration for more women to come forward with their stories.

  • Kesha: Woman Power

    I do not know what the charges against her producer were, but if it was in any way abusive whether that be sexually, mentally, physically, or having to do with music rights, copyright infringement, and if Kesha was legally correct in her allegations, then absolutely this is a big move for women standing up to their abusers. I think Kesha gets a bad reputation based on the content of her music, but I believe she is a smart, powerful woman in music. She has every right to stand up for herself and her music.

  • Women have been standing up to their abusers for a long time.

    Even though you do not hear about it, it is completely true. And why is she now making these allegations, when she has had plenty of time to do so? Sounds phony to me. Not necessarily saying she is making a false accusation, but it's been known to happen quite more often now-a-days. And just because a celebrity does it, does that mean all the others that have stood up for themselves were not really standing up for themselves? Also imagine if it were flipped and Dr. Luke was the one being abused... Everyone would laugh and say it is impossible. "Men cannot be abused by women." But back to the point... "A big move" "woman power" lol. Like I said, It has been around a long time now. But it would be about time to see more women leaving the relationships they wanted to get into.

  • Lol no not even

    Like really? Women have been standing up to their abusers for a long time. This shouldn't be considered a "big move." If you consider it a big move, then you glorify the actions of women past the actions of men. Don't do that. Like really don't do that. It's just a totally normal thing. Filing a lawsuit against someone that deserves to have a lawsuit filed against them is just a normal thing that any American or legal resident should do.

  • I Don't Know

    Kesha has a very eccentric and wild brand to uphold, and I refuse to blindly acknowledge that these allegations bear any weight. If this abuse has been ongoing since Kesha was 18, then where is any proof? Surely there is something left behind from several years of continued sexual, physical, and mental abuse.
    A quick Google search will reveal that Dr. Luke has been involved with numerous female acts, of all variations. If Dr. Luke is such a heinous abuser, then why have none of these other performers spoken out against him, and in support of Kesha? If the response is that Kesha is the only one who he has abused, then I question what is unique about Kesha that would cause him to exclusively abuse her.

    Finally, an interesting note is that Kesha has only recently made these allegations; now that she is trying to transition between record labels.

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