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  • Durant not top 15

    1 MVP with 2 very weak championships leave Durant on the outside looking in of the top 15. Durant proved that he could only win by joining the best team in the NBA. When Durant was surrounded by talent in OKC like Harden and westbrook they should have won multiple titles. Instead Durant under performed in huge situations. Durant was badly outplayed by Lebron in 2011 and choked when he was up 3-1 on the Warriors.

    After choking and blowing a 3-1 lead Durant decided to leave his teammates and join the 73 win Warriors who were heavy favorites to win the championship. Durant went to a team where he would never see a double team and could thrive making open Jump shots.

    There is no shortage of players who could have filled Durants role on the great Warriors. They were already champions when he got there and they were already a great team.

    Durant would have been better off to stay with his team and try to win a ring. History would have been kinder to him.

    Durant is now in the category of great players who were missing that lttle something. Elvin Hayes, Karl Malone etc. A player like Dirk will always be ahead of Durant cause he had a great career and got it done for the mavs. . . He did not jump ship to the Spurs. . . LOL

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