Kevin Trudeau guilty of fraud: Does Kevin Trudeau deserve a 10-year sentence for peddling weight-loss books?

  • He misled people.

    Yes, Kevin Trudeau deserves a 10-year sentence for peddling weight-loss books, because he broke the law. He knows that what he was doing was fraudulent. He decided to get rich off the backs of others because he did not care that they would suffer. The government was right to defend us from people like this who want to get rich off our backs.

  • Yes He Does

    I believe Kevin Trudeau does deserve a 10-year sentence for peddling is weight-loss books because he repeatedly failed to pay the fines that were levied against him in relation to those books. Not only that he continued to sell these items in ways he agreed not to. Kevin Trudeau believes he is above the law and that simply is not the case.

  • Trudeau is a victim.

    Kevin Trudeau does not deserve a ten-year sentence. I read his books myself years ago, and there is nothing that blasphemous about what this man says in his books. He has been fined and taken to court for a number of reasons, but I think they are going over the top and victimizing him.

  • No he does not

    Perhaps it was a little harsh to sentence him to a ten year sentence just peddling books that were meant to help overweight people. A simple probation period or a few years in jail max I think would have sufficed but be that as it may, he probably already learned his lesson.

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