Khloe Kardashian and French Montana: Are entertainers who continually marry and divorce ideal role models for young people?

  • Doesn't really matter

    The fact that they might remarry over and over is morally questionable, but that doesn't make them bad people. It shows them that they have the freedom to make that decision and if they don't want to continue, they don't have to. It's much better than staying in an abusive relationship because you want to look better. It's like saying the good that they do doesn't matter at all because they've been divorced. Just because they haven't made a lifelong commitment doesn't mean they're bad people. People who get tattoos are committing to them for life yet people who get tattoos are seen as bad people. That's a lifelong commitment that's seen as stupid and reckless while people that get divorced because they don't want to be committed to something they don't want are seen as bad. I think it doesn't really matter.

  • No, it's not the ideal image to put forth to young impressionable minds.

    The purpose of marriage is to declare your undying love to another person and to stay by their side "until death, do you part". Showing celebrities that marry and divorce is portraying that it's ok to throw away a lifetime commitment and begin again, over and over. I am not saying that people should never get divorced, sometimes it can't be helped and is the best thing to do. But doing it over and over again is portraying that a marriage doesn't need to be taken seriously and worked on to save. That it's ok to give up easily and walk away. I believe that's wrong and sending a terrible message to our youth.

  • no, marrige should be shown as a life long comitment

    Some people do jump into marriage too quickly, and some people who are more cautious stop loving each other or fall into problems.Divorce is not supposed to be a quick easy fix to one little problem. Marriage is a commitment and a promise. But the constant marrying and divorcing shown on celebrity reality shows portray it as something frivolous.

  • It is a bad practice.

    No, entertainers who constantly marry and divorce are not ideal role models for young people, because in the real world, divorce is very hard. In the real world, we need models who will teach our young people that divorce is not something that should be entered into lightly. We need to be shown marriages that last.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe celebrities that continually marry and divorce are ideal role models for young people. The problem with this type of role model is the fact that the person looking up to them probably can't afford to marry and divorce over and over again. Most people in America can afford marriage, but most can not afford divorce.

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