• I hate Jamal!

    He’s a complete idiot He’s been at it for god damn weeks and he still won’t stop this guy is one big fuckin moron! Moron moron moron moron who sits in mommy’s basement watching all types of porn all day long eating tons of candy in shitstained underwear. No this isn’t a body shaming thing don’t pull that crap on me. This guy is a loser and shouldn’t be defended in fact I think jamal and “body shamer” are the same person.

  • My name is Jamal

    My name is Jamal and I am offended by this fallen angel's post. With sarcasm being the obvious banner for the previous banger and concluding banger, I'll simply say Retribution is a dish best served hot. Welcome to my soiree. Ahh, When actuality replaces force fed reality my powers will be combined, Heads will roll.

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