• Not only mean but a hypocrite

    He literally complains about spamming but all he ever does is spam. Are there any moderators on this site which we can ask to remove him or can we just block him from appearing in our browser? Honestly so annoying and very mean. Who ever they are they need to grow up

  • I'm tired of that jerk.

    I'm so sick and tired of him he's so dumb he assumes every spammer is one person, Why is everything about weight with him is he ashamed of his own weight, Does he like fat people? He's a spammer and a hypocrite. If you're smart leave the website body shaming jerks like this have ruined it! For God's sake don't post should we ban visitor posting if you, Yourself don't have an account! Tired of his body shaming!

  • Welcome to the land of clowns

    I really don't understand why this "spammer" is fat man and body shammer. Did anybody see this guy in person or are we just using fat as a dirty insult. So if you are a part of this situation like me, You are a child of clown ville. (unless you can talk your way out)

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