Kidnapped California woman shares details on her female captors: Are crimes committed by women under-reported?

  • There is pressure.

    One judge told a woman that if she didn't want to be raped, she should keep her knees closed. There is tremendous pressure on women not to report crimes. The patriarchal and condescending men that run society do not want to deal with crimes where the woman is a victim. They dismiss their concerns.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Why is the media using the word, "alleged?" By now, it's clear that this woman was tortured! The savage torture this poor woman suffered was personal. Consider checking any spa, gym, salon or service where Papini may have crossed paths and inadvertently "offended" one or both of these vicious psycho witches from hell. They need to be put away or put down to protect the rest of society.

  • Yes, crimes committed by women are under-reported.

    Yes, crimes committed by women are under-reported because the media rarely covers crimes by women. All anyone hears about is what a man did to another man. The statistics show that women commit far more crimes than we hear about. At the same time, men are still the bigger perpetrators.

  • Yes, they are.

    Women are just as repsonsible for crimes as men are, but they often get away with it because no one suspects women of commiting crimes. While men are more likely to commit certain types of crime, women are less likely to be profiled as criminals and are more likely to get a lenient sentence when caught.

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