Kidnapped Israeli Teens: What evidence is there that Hamas orchestrated the kidnapping?

  • Hamas organized the kidnapping of Israeli teens

    Evidence can be found proving that Hamas orchestrated the kidnapping of Israeli teams. They are well known to accept responsibility by contacting the media and claiming they are the ones who carried out these actions. A simple Google search will retrieve the necessary information to prove that Hamas is responsible.

  • Or a copycat group.

    Yes, there is evidence that Hamas orchestrated the kidnapping, because Israel's intelligence said that Hamas was to blame. The three teens were taken in the West Bank, and Hamas would have been the group with the motivation, opportunity, and skill to do such a terrible thing. Israel is correct o blame Hamas.

  • I believe Hamas did orchestrate the kidnapping

    I definitely think that Hamas was involved in the kidnapping. Although the evidence might not be clear cut I think that it is hard to argue that they were not involved. I think they have made threats in the past about kidnapping Israrelis make it even more likely that they were involved. I thimk that although it is likely the US and other Governments should not get involved until more evidence does appear.

  • Zero evidence presented and Hama's denies involvement

    What responsible government would introduce collective punishment on an entire political party (really an dntire occupied population) without presenting a shred of evidence as to who the perpetrators are? Hama's was announced as the responsible party even before there was time to investigate, proving that it is simply the Israeli government's target of choice for any and all occasions.

  • Hamas Denies responsibility

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blames Hamas, claims that Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel, yet Neither Hamas or any other criminal organization have made any public claim of orchestrating the kidnapping. A Hamas spokesman in Gaza told CNN that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments attributing blame were "stupid and baseless."

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