Kidney-transplant recipient selection: Should selection criteria for kidney-transplant recipients be changed to favor younger patients?

  • Yes, younger people should get kidneys.

    I am in my sixties and I still think that younger people should be the ones to get the kidneys for transplants when one is needed. There is generally so much more life to be lived by a younger person. Perhaps the presence of dependents should be taken into account, too.

  • Greater Return on Investment

    Let's be frank. Modern medicine is a big business. The younger the organ transplant recipient, the better the possible return on the investment will be. Plus, younger patients will have a chance to live out fuller lives that many of us have already had. A five-year-old should be given precedence over a 30-year-old simply because the younger patient hasn't fallen in love, had kids, or even lost a tooth yet. Let younger patients experience more of life!

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