Kidney-transplant recipient selection: Should younger kidney-transplant candidates have priority over older candidates?

  • Yes they will live longer

    When selecting recipients for kidney transplants, I do think that it is only fair that younger kidney transplant candidates have priority over the older candidates. The younger candidates have a longer life ahead of them than the older candidates do and would not be fair to them to give a kidney transplant to someone older than them who will die sooner.

  • Younger kidney-transplant candidates have the advantage of time

    Younger kidney-transplant candidates should be given priority over elderly candidates due to the fact that they have more time to create an impact on the world. Younger patients are also more likely to change their lifestyle habits to be more conducive to a post-transplant life. An elderly kidney-transplant recipient may only have a few years left due to old age should not be given organs that could prolong the life of someone that could use the organ longer.

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