Kids are smarter than most adults when it comes to logic, imagination, scientifically and philosophical.

Asked by: Nitwit
  • Kids Feel The Need To Explore

    As adults grow up and have more responsibilities, they lose time and their imagination. They've lost the will to ask 'stupid' questions and trying to prove whether they're right or wrong. For example: Adults don't believe in unicorns or mer-people. Although a child's imagination may run wild and believe in those, they try to discover the truth. If children were scientist and tried to figure things out, we would have more answers than we do now.

  • If by smart you mean innately talented and perceptive then yes

    Kids don't have filtered perception. That is, they haven't absorbed all the rules and regulations and misconceptions that society teaches. They have the drive for the truth on their side because the truth helps you survive in a world where everything is bigger than/more dangerous than you, and their little hearts probably haven't shriveled up and helped them lose their basic common sense yet. However, society at large has a tendency to try to outwit, trick and punish innately talented people, young or old, and establish an average that people can tolerate (i.E. 'not too smart'). There was a girl I knew who pointed out to a 50-year old scientist that all colors mixed together could make either muddy brown or white depending on whether you were talking about paint or light, but the 50-year old guy (with a PhD and a job in the field) kept insisting the girl was wrong, that all colors mixed only ever made white. Clearly the scientist was just not listening and disagreed because his feeling was that it was impossible for an eight year old kid to be right. I never underestimate the incredible lack of knowledge that can be distributed through the university system.

  • Kids are smarter!

    When adults grow, their thinking sticks only to normal language, maths or science. They will be tricked or confused easily by brainteasers or more complicated questions.
    Also, most children never want to give up. They will think... And think... And think until they get the answer.
    People say kids are annoying.That's because they ask lots of questions. Kids usually gain knowledge this way.
    Children live in the future. They have much more advanced teaching tools, and knowledge from the past may not be reliable anymore.
    Lastly, kids talk more than adults. This shows that children have more to talk about, like information.

  • Kids have less in their mind to worry about.

    Kids unlike adults have less to worry about and can be more focused. They are in school and adults are simply working one job and only being good at that. For example, I am in seventh grade and both my parents graduated from high school but can't help me with my math! Adults are just to ashamed .

  • I'm a Kid

    Okay, so i am a kid. I am doing a research project on this and i haven't found anything on who is smarter. Im going with the kids side because I am a GT student. I have proven myself smarter than my family. Because we have a right to say we are smarter so it has been proven!

  • Yes I do

    If you need an imagination in order to learn more and adults rarely have any because they are either caught up in work or sleeping on the couch then kids must be the smartest people in the world because we ask the most questions we think of things only kids would think of and when an adult hears us say something imaginative they will say that's stupid or walk away .

  • Remember when your parents were arguing?

    Most children have the common sense to say "Hey, this is not needed, we're siblings/friends/family."

    While my perception through my parents were that they constantly yelled and were angered towards us. Getting heated in situations that didn't matter as much. Children just want more love and peace in the world and are able to see through the logistic way of avoiding war and hatred. Children tend to just want friends while some adults will find a way to fight for resources in the world.
    If children were raised pure, most would be very innocent.
    While with adults raising children to be like them, some can be evil like terrorists.
    Most children can be innocent but it starts from a cycle, and it is usually the adult that destroy their confidence or faith.

  • Ya we betta

    We a betr then adults becase were good at speling this is proveen by ma
    speeling wich is exelent in evry way. Also we ar betr at math. 3+8=38. Se i told yo we ar betr at mat. Also we aways gett or way. Thnk uo vry much for reeding.

  • I do agree

    Albert Einstein famously said, “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.” And even Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” this is why kids are better than adults in logic, imagination, scientifically and philosophical.

  • Kids Are The Future!

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  • Kids are idiots.

    As an adult, I too was once an idiot. The older we get, the more knowledge we gain. Without knowledge, we have no facts to use in logic. Imagination can be counterproductive when it comes to finding answers. It assumes things to be possible in order to reach a conclusion but in reality this makes the conclusion ultimately wrong.
    In the response that the person asking left, he said "If children were scientist and tried to figure things out, we would have more answers than we do now." The only things kids would try to figure out are the same things other kids have tried and that adults have known the answers for a long time.

  • The Adult Brain is More Developed

    Nothing needed; scientifically, philosophically, and logically, the adult brain is much more developed and well formed to deal with these things. For example, the Prefrontal Lobe, a very important section of the brain that deals with decision making and prioritizing, does not develop until the age of 20; this shows that adults are more logical in their decision making.

    Apart from this, the adult brain can acknowledge errors 80 milliseconds faster than the teenage brain; the kid/teenage brain is often known for making bad decisions. For example, the need to take drugs to "look cool" develops from a part of the brain, the nucleus accumbens, to desire greater awards. This makes children irrational, albeit they may come out as playful et all.

  • Children vs. Adults

    Well, adults have had a long life time to play and explore and children are still at that age were they are still learning. But children are still very curious and wanting to learn more. Adults have gone through the exact same events but has had experience and time to figure it out.

  • Humans are innately unintelligent.

    On average, humans aren't that bright. That goes for adults AND children. So until you can understand that, and view each-other as equals in terms of your faults, you will never be able to get anything positive done. Adults have just as many faults as children do, especially when it comes to cognitive function. In fact, children's brains are faster at processing information than adults, and can hold more as well. However, adults HAVE the information that fills their memory, so it is a equal score. YOU ARE EQUALS. ACCEPT THAT.

  • Ever seen a kid do anything useful?

    Sure they are creative, but tell me a time where a kid made an invention that changed the world, or even gave an idea of one.

    Sure kids are more imaginative and beleiving of certain things like unicorns and such but that is only because of stories told by adults and the media (disney).
    I seriously doubt a kid could have imagined a unicorn without an adult telling them of a unicorn story and then the adult saying that it is a true story so as not to 'spoil' the childhood.

    The fact of children being creative is true but over hyped.

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Sfaulkner says2014-08-10T21:50:06.610
Kids are exposed to less corruption than adults.
donald.keller says2014-08-10T22:24:07.150
Argue any topic with a kid, than argue it with an adult... You'll see very quickly that kids aren't very smart.
Rightwing15 says2014-08-11T02:18:46.597
All generalizations are false including this one