Kids are suing the federal government over climate change: Should there be a limit to what someone can sue for?

  • Probably, I've heard of many outrageous lawsuits...

    With our industrialism, the environment just got out of hand, and we needed modern scientists to find out about global warming. The government couldn't have foreseen this, they couldn't have even influenced all those many companies into using a natural alternative because the technology wasn't even available. Its not even the companies, I am almost positive everyone, including myself and those kids, has done something that was harmful for the environment.

  • Yes, there should be limits to avoid frivolous lawsuits

    It is my belief that people should not be able to file obviously frivolous lawsuits, or lawsuits where there is no single, identifiable victim or culprit (as in the case of climate change). The courts are already very busy handling other lawsuits, and it would be a strain on the system if anyone were allowed to sue for any reason.

  • Yes, there should be a limit to what someone can sue for.

    Yes, there should be a limit to what someone can sue for, but I agree with kids for suing over climate change. Kids will have to live with the effects of politicians long after the politicians are gone. They should have a right to say what they think should be done.

  • Yes, that is true.

    I agree that there should be a limit to what someone can sue for. But on the other hand the kids are right to do this. The federal government should actually be sued over climate change. This is because Donald Trump is arrogant and does not want to listen to the scientists.

  • The government didn't cause it.

    It's impossible to prove that the government caused climate change. People don't even agree that climate change exists. There's no way to tell what is the government's contributions instead of what is being done by a private corporation. It's not the government's job to protect the public from every bad thing that can happen, seen and unseen.

  • If the government can say what we can sue it; we can't sue it

    If we give the federal government the power to block cases then any case that could do change the law (things like desegregating schools, reforming women's and civil rights) are blocked, these things can't happen. It undermines the checks and balances of the american government. Your saying that the president can do whatever he likes.

  • As long as there is injustice

    If the plaintiffs deem themselves to have had an injustice done to them, they can sue, by the legal constitution of a given nation that explicitly states the rights of the citizen and anyone else in such instances. It's a whole other story depending on whether the existing legal system will let them win. Remember, the government is a public service, at least in America, not (arguably) a tyrannic institution, as such, the citizens (the public which public institutions serve) of the country and anyone (again depending on their legal rights) can seek reparation from the government for what they consider is sufficient to make right an injustice.

    As mentioned, whether they can win the lawsuit is another story.

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