• It destroys the energetic youth.

    Too often do I see one enthusiastic and energetic kids turned into glassy-eyed, nodding off, husks because the school system can't hand a child who can't sit at a desk for eight hours straight while you listen to somebody they probably don't like. Young boys get the worst if it. Boys are naturally more energetic and excitable, and rather directing that energy toward a positive outlet like art, music, science, literature, creative writing, or literally anything other than turning them into shallow, empty, vapid shells of their former selves.

  • Kids who take even one dose are over medicated.

    ADHD and ADD are natural. We title the behavior so it can be treated. The truth is the kids don’t need meds they need attention. Attention is expensive and requires more teachers and assistance’s to be staffed at public schools. Stop the poison and lobbying. CBD hemp oil had more benifits and promising results than some salt based caffeine with meth in it.

  • I have ADHD!

    If I didn't have my medicine, literally everybody would be SSOOOO mad at me. And why in the hell are you promoting legalized weed juice? I will not be taking weed oils anytime soon! And amphetamine salts and methylphenidate are actually not bad and methamphetamine is what meth is! How could you think I need attention!? It is a genetic/psychological thing, and so is schizophrenia, which can't be cured by damned attention! You have no idea how much harder it is without my meds! You can't speak from experience, then don't talk the hell at all!

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