• They will be able to get around faster

    Think of it, You would NEVER have to pay for your child to ride the school bus again. Just think of how much money you would save. So I say YES! Now, LET'S GET THE MAJORITY SIDE ON YES! And trust me, If some people go on the no side I totally understand because of the whole child safety thing.

  • Yeyes goodd ok

    Im 7 and i should be alloewd to drive on the road because my mom do not let me drive and she is very mean so i should drive and whoever says no is dumb and they are mean pants and dummy and poopy butt haha so i shoyuld drive

  • The roads would be safer

    Think about how much could be done. Roads would be safer. 10 year olds are super cautious, And it would be safer. Parents would have less stress and could get more stuff done. That is why young children should be able to safely drive a car on the road legally.

  • A terrible idea!

    10 year olds are immature and far from responsible. They would just drive off and end up in a crash. They would all be to short to reach the pedals so a whole new car would have be created. 10 year olds are also not experienced enough to be driving.

  • Ejej ejejje ej

    Thority & Accuracy:
    Who wrote and who published the website? Are the author and the publishing institution credible (experts in their fields, Known to be credible in general)?
    Bias & Beneficiaries (AKA Objectivity):
    What is the purpose of the author/website in publishing the content (inform, Persuade, Entertain, Or market, Which means sell)? How can you tell?
    How objective is the information? NOTE: If it one-sided and does it represent other perspectives it is not objective; it is subjective.
    Currency & Coverage:
    When was the research written?
    When was the website last updated?
    Are the sources cited by the author credible?

    These criteria are nicely unpacked on the following digital handout. Note: I will have paper copies for you as well. Once you finish the digital handout, Print it!

    Access the handout here:

    http://www. Readwritethink. Org/files/resources/1135_hoax. Pdf

    Debate. Org - Kids should be allowed to drive at age 10
    Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
    Save the Pacific Tree Octopus
    The Jackalope Conspiracy
    Coalition to Ban DHMO: Dihydrogen Monoxide!
    Feminist. Com
    5 Reasons You Should Support Men's Rights

  • NOOOO that would be a disaster

    I don't trust 16 year olds on the road why would I trust someone who can't even reach the pedals that also has a cell phone. With how we are letting children have phones younger & younger. To let them behind the wheel that early would be a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Um, NO. Ten-year old brains need a little more time.

    If you look in psychology, Ten year old brains ARE NOT FULLY DEVELOPED! I personally think that until you have a fully developed brain, You should not be doing something as dangerous as driving. I mean, Lots and lots of people die every year driving, So letting ten year old drive would increase that number drastically.

  • This would be a disaster

    Teens are already much more at risk to get into an accident then the general population. Ten-year-olds would make the issue twenty times worse. Many 10-year-olds are too short to even press the gas pedals. If they could reach the pedals, They would almost certainly get into an accident. Roads would become dangerous to the point that most people would stop driving altogether.

  • NO! No kids driving!

    It is not safe for any kid to be on the road. I mean most 10-year-olds are not even studying ratios yet (just an example). Kids could sometimes make rash, Unsafe decisions on the road and cause an accident. So I say no, No 10-year-olds driving on the road.

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