Kids should have jobs because it helps them for the future ahead. They will even have experience for the future who agrees with me

  • I agree they need to have a experience for the future.

    We need to show the kids responsible learn new stuff we should support kids and they even play games all weekend or weekdays sitting playing so they neeeeeeeeed to have an experience for the future ahead so we should support kids to try it out and every country should do the same.

  • Child Labor Is Not The Answer For Future

    I believe that kids should not have job. If a kid decides to have a job as something of course the majority of kids will change their ideas overtime. I think that kids need to spend more time on the education. Education can create a better future. Jobs are just up to the parents.

  • No child labor

    No because it turned out really bad for kids in the past a lot got sick and we need an education to be able to understand what happens in the work place and to keep moving forward children also need time time to participate in other things and be a kid and yes we play video games but it's a part of being human to be a little lazy and it's wrong for kids to do labor that's why there's laws against it.

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