• They need more time to learn a wide variety of subjects.

    Despite the fact that I myself go to school (Year 8), I don't think us students are being taught enough - a great many subjects (eg. Politics) are simply not taught at schools, And its because school hours simply aren't enough to teach a wide range of subjects, While constantly building up skills in each subject.

  • We're falling behind.

    Clearly kids are not learning enough in the amount of time they are given so the logical approach would be to devote more time to teaching them what they need in order to catch up and hopefully surpass kids in other countries.
    We might be able to improve some without actually extending the school year or amount of time in school by focusing on what's important. You see, Around the world, Schools are judged on three areas, Reading, Math, And science, And not on things like art, Music, Or sports. If we remove electives or limit them to those who get already excel (as in straight A students), It would give kids more hours of the needed classes and provide incentive for them to excel.
    That may work for some students but others may require even more class time to reach expectations. This would mean either longer school days and/or longer school years. Sure, The additional class hours means more hours we need to pay teachers but without sports teams, Schools don't need uniforms/gear, Fields, Band instruments, Etc. School sports fields could be either sold as real estate or turned into parks by the town. Swimming pools and gyms and other space could be used for future school expansions instead of the school needing to purchase more property. Smaller areas like art and music rooms could be transformed into classrooms without much if any additional cost. Selling the excess property would raise funds for better equipment and reduce the cost of property maintenance. This not only provides a better leaning environment but lowers the cost to tax payers and parents. Longer school years would also reduce the cost of daycare parents would spend as they won't need to pay daycare if the kids are still in school while they are at work.
    Sounds like a win for everyone.

  • Yes they should

    I think that kids should have longer school time because other countries compared to the US stupid children are getting dumber in the US ok and yes I think that kids should have a longer school time ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye ok ok 👍

  • Students need more school.

    I have said multiple times: Kids aren't actually pay attention these days. If you're like sne_1029, You have a legit reason to say "No thanks", But some people could really use the extra time to bump their grades up. I'm concluding that students are lazy because when I graduated high school (this previous May or June), Teachers were still having trouble figuring out who wasn't really paying attention and I had no reason to be hopeful that things would get better.

  • Kids Need More Education

    Yes kids should have more school time because kids are falling behind and kids are getting bad grades because kids and students are falling behind ok and yes I think that kids should have more school time ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok good bye

  • Students need more learning.

    They need more school. They do because they don't have the learning that they needed and others are ahead but the others are not doing well and might fail on the future and they can't be treated like dumb students and be more taught because for the ones that fail need more of the time to have the education.

  • We already have enough

    We already have about 6 hours of school time plus homework why would we need it to be longer. Kids won’t have any free time if they do this to them I think it’s very unfair. Kids want to have fun and be kids like socialising and play dates with their friends! Thank you

  • Quantity < Quality

    The American education system is garbage, I'll admit. I won't answer why, For I don't know the details well enough to answer that. I do know that childhood is a precious thing that serves both as fond memories in-the-making AND as a foundation for a child to grow and prosper. It's this time period in which parents instill values in the child, And when the child is free of chores and schoolwork, They spend time doing as they please -- lessons may be learned, Talents may be nurtured. If you deprive a child of fun, Well, There's a plethora of stories online, And psychology information in corresponding books, To paint an ugly picture of that child's future (or of the child). Take a shot every time I wrote "child. "

  • Already late, Might affect sleep.

    I wake up at 7AM and come back home and 4PM. Then, I have homework which takes around half an hour and then I study for about an hour. That's already at 5:30. I eat dinner, Which takes about an hour to prep and I finish eating at around 6:30. Then I have sports which varies times. No matter how I change around my schedule, I start getting ready for bed around 8:30 PM. I am in bed by 9 and go to sleep at around 10. Then that whole cycle just repeats. If we added another, Let's say, 2 hours, I would be going to bed around 12! We need sleep to function properly and adding hours will just take a good nights rest away from us.

  • No don't extend the hours.

    Children going to school come home exhausted, But they have to continue through the night and get homework done, Go to their sports or clubs afterschool. Some kids have to sit and eat dinner with their family. Some students have a job that goes from 5-10pm. They don't have time for everything if we extend the hours, Even now they don't time for everything, Cause in the end, They even need 7-9 hours of sleep for a good night sleep.

  • No wa ho sa

    Tis not good enof. Y wood we be spending longer at skool wen da amound ov tym we spend at skool is good enof alredy. Duh kiddi widdis luv skool but dey wood hayt it if dey spent moor tym der. I need moor words to be abl too submit dis so heer is a poem:
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  • I already spend 7-8 hours in school and the rest of my day doing homework.

    Student already spend majority of their at school, So what is the point of staying a couple more hours? Today, Competition has increased and parents want their kids to be the most successful and the best of their class. Children are already put under so much stress. Children should be able to spend time interacting with their friends and they should be able to experience the outside world, Not be stuck in school. Other that school, Kids already have a lot of extra curricular activities to attend to.

  • We shouldn't have longer school time.

    Firstly, It can affect your sleep, If we had longer school time, We would sleep a little late. Secondly, We already have 7 - 8 hours of school plus homework, I believe that's enough. Finally, You might get tired after longer school time. In conclusion I think we shouldn't have longer school time.

  • School is gay

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  • Kids Hate School!

    The school day should not be longer because once kids get to 4th grade they realize how bad school is, I think that until 6th grade students should have mandatory classes like English and Math but then are able to choose what they want to learn, Like welding, Carpentry, Auto mobiles, And so on. This is the main reason kids hate school, Cause we are forced to learn something we find unnecessary.

  • I think no,

    Because if kids are in school for longer than 7 hours or more, It could increase a child's stress level. When kids are stressed out it, It may make them do less effort in school. Or they can start slacking off for entertainment. So please do not extend our school time.

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