• Fortnite is good

    I think that kids should absolutely play Fortnite because Fortnite is a good game ok and yes I think that kids should play Fortnite because Fortnite is fun and a good game as well ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye hello

  • Yes they can but. . .

    I believe when it comes to recreational activities parents should let their kids do their choice. But I think that developers or the parents must take action to limit kid's game time. Video games can be fun but you shouldn't let your kid sit in front of a screen for a long time. Plus video games are using various mechanisms in your brain such as the reward system. To add to that, Devs shouldn't add lootbox or skins that may incite the children to steal their mom's credit cards. . .

  • Fortnite is good

    It has many things added to the game it isnt ballenced but it has a great multiplayer and who dosnt agree never played there are many pro gamers(ninja) that make millions on view on this game and to add that it is FREE and all the things you can buy is COSMETIC and gives you no tactical advantage and being the one who said this csgo is paid to play and being a FREE game it makes it alright to play

  • Hi my name

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  • Stupid, Just stupid

    IN MY OPION i think fortnite is stupid to me its just weird and all kids are obsessed with it. They play a lot of time in front of that screen. Some people say they don't sleep, They play fort nite. Its just to addicting to kids and it provides distraction from school and other important things than just video games. Yes it is fun and its okay that some kids like it but its just gotten to overboard. Kids are playing 24 hours a day. They don't do school work its just not right. Its just too much.

  • Fortnite is Overrated

    If we want companies to create quality games with innovation, We need to quit popularizing these cash grab games that are designed to make money through micro transactions. Look at Valve, They are milking CSGO and Dota 2 till the last drop with pro gaming when they have great potential to create great quality games.

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