• Kids can make their own decisions

    Kids can make their own choices. I hate how that one person named scarlet Jame's said kids can't make their own choices. That is the stupidest, weirdest, most offensive thing any kid had probably ever heard or saw or read. I say that is so offensive that I am starting a rebellion. Rebellion, rebellion, rebellion, rebellion!!!!!!!

  • No no no no

    Kids just listen to what their parents and friends say. They can't form their own opinion and make a good decision. I'm not saying they can't have opinions, I'm just saying they can't gather information and make decision based on the information, like adults. Kids will believe whatever you tell them.

  • It would mean extra votes for the parents

    The vast majority of the time kids would just vote for who their parents vote for. The times that they don't most of the time they will just be voting according to peer pressure. While adults sometimes make these same mistakes they are more mature and their brains are more developed so they can understand the issues better and vote more responsibly.

  • No No No

    As long as parents are held accountable for their children's actions and children live under their parents' house/rules they are not an independent entity contributing to the benefit of society and should not have a voice in politics until then...Of course--with that logic neither should stay at home parents and old people.

  • This Is Definitely A Troll Poll.

    Kids would never make good voters. Kids are way too impressionable and would just vote for whoever their parents say to vote for. If the kid proves to be resilient, the parent could promise a reward for them if they do vote for the person they want their kid to vote for. Kids also just don't know enough about politics and the problems that politicians deal with.

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