• It can be beneficial at times.

    For example, If a child is with a friend, And their parents want to know how they are doing, You can get a burner phone. Burner phones can be purchased for under $75, That is nothing compared to a parent's wallet. When the children don't need the phone anymore, Take it away from them until they need it. Regarding needing glasses, There is nothing wrong with needing glasses at age five. Even I have been staring at screens for at least 2 hours a day, And I still don't need glasses.

  • Absolutely no thanks

    As we know, Kids in that age can't think for themselves, They follow anything they're exposed to. I know people who have kids who use phones in that age, The videos they see and love alters their behaviour in a good or bad way, And makes them think that everything should be as it is in the video they are watching. Obviously a huge percentage of videos kids see, Are fake.

  • Frfrfr rfr rfrf

    No, They shouldn't kids would become little brats. At school i already have to deal with brats. Kids would only care about their phones and SOCIAL media. It's dumb, Should you guys do do you the life od the meaning. I think not. Ok subscribe to my twitch account at youtube. Com/c/iamxerbear

  • It is too distracting at times.

    I have to disagree with the fact that it is bad for eyes because it barely affects our eyes at all. It would take many, Many years of looking at a screen for it to damage our eyes enough we would notice. Furthermore, Books also strain our eyes yet kids under 10 still use books. However, There are other negative effects that it can have on young children, It can lead to them getting very distracted during important events. Another thing is that they are usually not responsible enough. Every kid under 10 I have known has broken some sort of expensive electronic device.

  • It is bad

    Kids under 10 use smart phone is bad because it can damage our eyes. If our eye is damage we can get glasses even if the kid is 1, 2, 3. . . . . . And so on and having glasses too early is very bad. So kids under 10 use smart phone is bad

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