Killer whales breathe in unison: Should the whales be released from Sea World?

  • Captivity is inhumane , unhealthy , and can cause accidents such as Tilikum .

    The captivity of such gigantic animals may be exciting to see up close but is preposterous . Whales are beast that need space need larger ground and freedom . Be imprisoned in such a small rink can turn a loving creature to an aggressive best and cause fatal accidents .

  • I Don't Support Animals in Captivity

    It's a tough one this, because it's cool to be able to see animals in captivity very close up in a zoo or animal park or such like. But it's cruel, to keep animals this way - especially if keeping one animal in captivity affects the emotions and lives of the others in the wild.

  • Yes, whales should have the chance to breathe freely.

    Killer whales should be released from Sea World. The discovery that they breathe in unison is evidence of their highly evolved natures and their organized societies. These are traits they share with humans. Keeping our fellow creatures captive for our entertainment compromises our own humanity. Despite their name, these creatures pose no danger to humans. They deserve their freedom as much as we do.

  • Yes, the whales should be released from Sea World.

    The Killer whales should be released from Sea World because they are kept in poor conditions. The Killer whales in Sea World have a shorter lifespan and more aggressive behaviors than Killer whales out in the wild. Sea World does not take good care of the large animals that need much more space than an amusement park can provide.

  • Captivity is Unhealthy

    Sea World is largely known as a place that doesn't take care of their inhabitants. Their whales are known to be ill-treated and improperly cared for. Killer Whales deserve to be taken care of just as properly as a dog or cat, and placing/leaving them in dangerous situations is not acceptable.

  • Should be captivated

    I think that the killer whales should not be realeased beacause they dont know how to survive.They also wont find their familys.THEN they would most likely die shortly after that which will decrease the population of the killer whales. This is why i think that killer whales should still be captivated.

  • Don't release the whales

    I am, by no means, saying that I approve of orcas in captivity because I don't approve of it, but I believe that orcas that were bred in captivity should remain so until they die.

    Orcas show a lot of emotions that other animals don't but like most other animals I am sure that they lose wild instinct the more they are in captivity. Seaworld says that they have not taken a orca from the wild for about 40 years. Seaworld also says that the orcas live about 20 years in captivity which means that the youngest ones would be at least 2 or 3 generations away from their wild forefathers, so they would have little wild instinct left. Even if sea-world could train them to hunt effectively, they would have still had a lot of human contact and they would likely stay close to ships, ports and harbors to be near humans which could get them in trouble. Since orcas are a lot like humans, it stands to reason that, because Seaworld uses antibiotics almost daily (according to previous trainers who worked there), if the orcas were released and cut off from these drugs, they would have a weakened immune system like humans who use a lot of antibiotics. This could easily lead to a bacterial or fungal infection that would have a higher chance of killing them.

    Personally, It would make more sense to leave the captive orcas captive and stop captive orca breeding programs. Then, in about 20 years, there will not be in any more captive orcas. It is simple and both sides have to compromise. The activists don't get immediate pleasure, because they know that there are still captive orcas, but will win eventually because of the lack of breeding programs. Seaworld will get to keep their whales for now but they will not have them forever.

    I would also like to point out that Seaworld did release an orca once. Keiko, who played Willy in "Free Willy", was released. He had lived for at least 15 years in captivity before his release and lived for 5 years in the wild before dying from Pneumonia. In those five years he joined a wild pod once, left it and was seen giving children rides at a port in Norway three weeks later.

    Another whale, Springer, was found orphaned near Seattle and was rehabilitated. She spent a rather short time in captivity and was released with success.

    We could try to rehabilitate orcas and then release them but I am not sure how effective it would be with whales that had never been in the wild as both Keiko and Springer started out living in the wild.

  • Nothing would be worse for the whales.

    If you release captive whales, especially whales born in captivity, they will not have learned the necessary skills to survive in the wild. Must I remind you of Keiko! She was originally caught from the wild and was later returned to the wild but died rapidly compared to the normal life span of wild whales. While she was eating during her time in the wild, she was rarely in a wild pod and often went to shore and let children ride on her. Releasing captive whales would be the worst thing possible for the whales.

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