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  • NO lets make a murderer really suffer

    Now I have always been one to believe every human Is oh so similar to animals. We kill. It's what we do. If its either to survive or just for the fun of it, humans kill. Its part of life, and the food chain.

    1. In the case of someone who has no other choice but to kill another human being under self-defense. I feel no punishment is really needed. The person acted in the best way possible that they knew of to save themselves. But in the end we do need to realize that person has still ended another human beings life, will it be considered murder? Probably not.

    2. Killing a human being just to kill... I think isn't really necessary at all, I feel as though anyone who even attempts this should be punished for life, but not be sentenced to death because taking ones life is serious and if we want someone to actually feel punished we will make them suffer as long as possible there is no easy way out for them.

    3. Killing for food, shelter, and other needed materials should be punished but to a certain extent. No one should be punished for life nor sent to the death penalty. But for example a poor man is walking in the mountains, he is lost, has no shoes, no shirt, and no idea how to find a path to safety. He has been wondering for a few days and has not eaten or had anything to drink since the beginning of the trip nor has he got much rest because he has been listening for any possible predators. This man is tired, hungry, and dehydrated. He makes the quote "I would kill for a bowl of cereal right about now. He continues to roam the mountain when he comes across a small cabin. He opens the door and In the cabin he finds food, electricity, a phone, running water, and a large comfy bed. But when the man walks into the bedroom he is greeted by a not so friendly home owner with a gun and no intention of helping him or listening to anything he has to say. The man decides he can either fight this man and get the materials he needs to survive or he can run back into the woods with no chance of survival, and a fear of death slowly creeping beneath his toes. What do you think he choose to do ?

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