Kim Jong Un rebukes weather forecasters: Does Kim Jong Un control the weather?

  • Kim Jong Un is. A water wizard

    I believe Kim Jong Un can control the weather because who is going to tell him otherwise? He is the leader of a country, and is so stubborn that he won't believe anyone who tries to tell him he can't control the weather. Plus, Kim Jong Un has Super Secret advanced technology.

  • Controlling weather is nothing new.

    I guess Kim Jong Un found out how other countries alters weather. Weather control may be very real and this guy is no fool. Did you even notice high pitch noise before any inclement weather. Pretty soon people may find out that climate change is nothing to do with any emissions except lies.

  • Weather control is nothing new !

    Controlling weather may be an experiment that may be done by many countries. This may be the reason why one hears high pitch noise from low orbiting satellites when ever there is an impending snow storm or even rain. So, my theory is that the reason why we are experiencing climate change is because the weather may be altered using some controlling mechanism. I wont be surprised to hear countries like China, Russia and even the USA may be doing some experiments on weather.

  • Kim Jong Un the Lord and Saviour

    Let's be honest, you silly shit-posting peasants attempting to defile our lord Jesus Christ A.K.A. Kim Jong Un. I personally have infiltrated several North Korean Military bases and uncovered several secret military documents revolving around his ability to control the weather. I have been contracted by the North Korean Military for my 3L1T3 hacking skills. I personally program technology for Kim Jong Un and uncovered several unique weather patterns that we can utilize. Kim Jong Un is the sole reason for several weather phenomenons such as the raining of fish and other animals.

  • Lord and savior

    My fellow peasants, we are not worthly of such glorious display of knowledge from our supreme leader, he is our guide through life and will carry our will forward, all hail kim jong un, these western peasant want to rebel against the marvelous demi-god, they shall die for their sins.

  • It's the great kim

    Kim Jong un is of immortal blood. Now please repeat after me, "Kim Jong un is of immortal blood and the power of the people give him dominance of weather over true Korea. If the weather is bad, it means we have done bad. If the weather is good, then we have truly pleased the great Kim Jong un!"

  • No, Kim Jong Un does not control the weather

    Kim Jong Un is a megalomaniacal sociopath, whose ego must constantly be fed by his own proclamations of self-grandeur. The declaration that he somehow controls the weather is another manifestation of his obsession with building the cult of personality started by his father. There is also no scientific evidence that would suggest that Mr. Un is in any way capable of controlling the weather.

  • He thinks he has control

    The thing about control is the fact that we really have a lot less of it than some of us like to think. Nobody can control the weather (unless there are mutants that no one knows about), and he just wants to maintain his control over his people, because standard opinion will change to state that he was right after the situation ends.

  • He thinks he does.

    No, Kim Jong Un does not control the weather, he only thinks that he does. Kim Jong Un thinks that he can control everyone and everything around him. He kills people who disagree with him. He probably thinks that he can just kill the weather too, if it doesn't suit him.

  • Kim Jong Un cannot control weather!

    Kim Jong Un lives in a fantasy land where he things he is a superpowered being who can control everything he touches. He clearly cannot and does not! Nobody can control the weather, that much we all know. He can control what the weather men say but the outcome will be whatever nature intends, no man can change it!

  • No, he doesn't. He just wishes he does.

    Dictators love power so much that they pretend to have more than they actually have. Many dictators tell newspapers what to say and apparently weather forecasters what to report. I guess it strokes the ego to be able to be constantly right. The saying is true; power corrupts. It might be entertaining to see him yelling at the inconvenient weather, telling it it isn't supposed to be there. I wonder if it would actually listen.......

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