• It seems pointless:

    For $20 I can own evidence that Feminism has failed miserably and that Capitalism has triumphed so hard there's nary a word for the amount of stomping everything else just took. For $20 I can prove that humans, and humanity in general, is so bored out of their minds that they really do sit around and talk about the most useless things all day long.

    All. Day. Long.

    And it's just $20!

  • Kim K: enough already

    Between the game and now the selfie book, Mrs West has seemingly lost her mind. However people are adoring her more and more and she is painting herself the " mom " and " goddess" I am sure she has enough fans that the book will fly off the shelves, but I for one will not be purchasing it.

  • Not buying Kim's book

    No I definitely will not be buying Kim's new selfie book. First of all I do not buy books I borrow them from the library or read them online. Second of all I have many books to read that interest me than any book that has a title of a selfie book.

  • No, I will not.

    I don't see why anyone would buy this book. I am not in a place in my life where I ever take selfies so I definitely don't need a book showing me how to do it and I definitely don't need one written by Kim K. She cares very little about hr fans only about money and herself.

  • Never In a Million Years

    I would not waste my time reading even a synopsis of this book! What possible insight could be gained by reading more personal navel watching from a celebrity? Besides the fact that almost everything about everyone can be found on the Internet these days just by doing a search, and I imagine the book itself will also be pirated onto the web within a few minutes of it being published. I guess this book will only be for diehard fans who think there may be just a small tidbit of original, never before seen content straight from Kim's mouth. It's basically a tabloid with a hardcover.

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