Kim Kardashian publishes selfies: Would you rather be Kim Kardashian (yes) or Paris Hilton (no)?

  • Yes, it's better to be Kim right now.

    I would really rather not be either of these two women because they are both superficial. However, right now Kim's star is still rising and she has a new baby so it would probably be better to be her at this very moment because everything she says and does seems to sell.

  • I'll be Kim:

    I get the chance to assassinate Kanye in his sleep and then run away with his baby to train them on a mountain telling them as they grew up that the woman who killed their father was none other than Paris Hilton which would lead to the death of my most hated rival at the hands of my manipulated child who I really care nothing for!

    North by Northwest!

  • No, I want to be Paris.

    I would rather be myself and not any of these two but if I had to choose I would be Paris. The last person on earth I would want to be married to is Kanye and Paris still has time to turn her life around and contribute something meaningful to the world.

  • No I would rather be Paris Hilton.

    First off Paris Hilton is way hotter than Kim Kardashian, and I believe selfies are a little too conceited. Paris Hilton has not published selfies to the public while Kim Kardashian actually took her time to take selfies of her self and show them to the publis, so from what i can say is that i would rather be Paris Hilton.

  • Choosing between the life of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

    Honestly, if really given the choice to be either Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton I would choose neither. Granted, the money would be nice but the publicity alone is a deal breaker. What happened to being rich and modest? Not showing off the fact that you have a fortune. I am happy just being myself. Mother of two and wife to a wonderful man. We may not have it all together but together we have it all.

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