Kim Kardashian selfies: Is Kim Kardashian bigger than Paris Hilton ever was?

  • Yes, Kim's video game puts her way ahead in the fame game

    Paris Hilton had a reality show, but Kim Kardashian has a
    reality show and a video game. In fact her hit game from Glu Mobile may be the
    most popular game ever played. Gorgeous Kim has come a long way from the days
    when she was known as Paris Hilton’s personal assistant, in other words her
    maid. Kim has a handsome husband, too. She is definitely the bigger star.

  • Kim Kardashian is not bigger than Paris Hilton ever was.

    Kim Kardashian is not bigger than Paris Hilton ever was. This is because Paris Hilton comes from an older, wealthy, more established family that has international business under her last name. Kim Kardashian is mostly a domestic American star. Paris expanded her own name with a line of branded goods that also became popular outside of the U.S.

  • You can't top Paris.

    No, Kim Kardashian is not bigger than Paris Hilton ever was, because Paris Hilton, in her day, was as big as you can possibly be. Paris Hilton was a bigger story because she was blonde, and because there was more sex involved in her drama. Kardashian is the next one, but she is no Paris and her antics.

  • Kim vs Paris

    No I do not think that Kim Kardashian is bigger than Paris Hilton ever was. Paris Hilton has starred in movies and commercials to this day. I do however think that they are about even in popularity and being recognized and being hear of. I am not a fan of either of them.

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SweetTea says2014-08-25T19:29:32.047
In the a** & b**bs, YES! Neither are really celebrities. A celebrity has talent. These two are just rich girls ... Enjoying trust funds ... And exploiting their family name any way they can!