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  • Yes, She is very important to her audiance.

    Yes, She is very important to her audience. To a certain kind of girl and person on this earth she defines beauty and style. I think she has wonderful abilities to grab attention and sell herself with it. I think she has a cultural importance because of her marketing ability.

  • Yes she is:

    You are talking about her. You have centered this as an expression of a representation of celebrity presence in our lives and what it means. She is a symbol of the sociological health of the nation and populace and in turn, along with other celebrities, brings to bear many important questions relating to our lives.

  • Actually, I'm not sure

    I don't know why I'm saying this, I just don't know what is so important about her. I mean I hear about her all the time, but I have never heard what is so important about this Kim figure. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Not even a little

    While I'm in the camp that finds Kim Kardashian extremely physically attractive, she's about as far removed from important as a person can be. She's quite nice to look at, she is completely devoid of any opinion worth hearing or any idea that will result in anything noteworthy for anybody but her. Popular, not important.

  • Kim Kardashian importancy

    Yes everyone is important in a sense but she is no more important than any body else on this earth. Some people are a important to different people for a lot of different reasons. Such as a scientist may be important to a lot of people for his research and a mother may be important to her children but everyone is important.

  • No, she isn't

    She hasn't contributed anything of value to the world. She has so much money and there is so much good she can do, but all she spends time on is self promotion. I would be very surprised if in ten years we still know her as a household name, I think she will lose her appeal shortly.

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