Kim Kardashian to publish book of selfies: Would you purchase this book?

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  • I can't love Kim, At least not the way that Kim loves Kim

    A book of selfies is a hard sell in my opinion. Selfies are over utilized in our society. They just seem to be an outcry for someone to love you. They come off as vain, and self-centered. I don't know what the book is called, but I hope it's titled: "Kim Kardashian: Look At Me!. True fulfillment comes from finding value in others, not from begging others to find value in us.

  • I would not buy this trash

    This is one of the most useless books I have ever heard of. The sad thing is that it will probably make a lot of money. It shows the decline of a culture that someone like Kim Kardashian can be a major star who has no real talent other than being in one sex tape.

  • The world is coming to an end

    Why doesnt a meteorite just fall and annihilate the trash family. Call me a hater fine. But when someone is earning millions upon millions that easily. While the rest of the world struggles to make enough to eat. Its insane, that she makes 700k with her game daily. Now a book with pictures of herself. Whoever buys it should be struck as well

  • Why, Exactly? Why?

    What sort of vain, conceited person would definitely do this? Kim Kardashian.
    I ask you to compare the amount of poor and middle class people in the world to the amount of rich people in the world. Do you have those numbers etched in the stone of your mind? Good. Now think, how many of these people will shoot up into the third estate? Why should they gaze at the pictures of the lifestyle of the filthy rich Kim Kardashian knowing that they will most likely never attain such unimaginable wealth? Why should you worship something, or someone, that cares nothing for you? Why should you feed your own envy? Why create for yourself a daily reminder of just how insignificant, when compared to that of glorified freaks such as Kim Kardashian, your life savings are? It's sick that such an idiotic person should make you worship her when she is so distanced from your life and abnormal, she is revered by a country for her money alone? This, ladies and gentlemen, is American wealthy narcissist culture at its apex level. The level of measurement that most importantly applies to individuals is sin to good. Why worship sin?
    Kardashian's achievements pale in comparison to those of the true rare people. Any person can make a fool of themselves on TV and earn money.
    -Gandhi liberated a large country without resorting to force.
    -A Russian tsar liberated 23 million serfs- that's "million" with an "m"- without needing to do harm to any individual.
    -An American president, Abraham Lincoln, stood up to slavery in the 1800s, and his brave army defeated virtually the entire southern part of the nation to break the purchased chains. He died soon after, and actually has a monument dedicated to him.
    -Prince Siddharta Guatama founded a religion that, today, has 6 percent of the world's population under its influence. The religion teaches peace and harmony, among other noble things. He meditated for 49 straight days to achieve his conclusions. And remember, he was a prince. No one coerced him to meditate that long.

    Why don't people who devote themselves to peace get more recognition?

    Why would anyone help a self-absorbed and wealthy person help that person become more self absorbed and wealthy, at a cost to themselves, and, willingly, and knowing that they will never be like that person?

    It's because the culture of America perpetuates a myth. The myth is that, under capitalist rule, everyone can become wealthy and popular, everyone eventually will, and everyone is entitled to it.

    I've read about this myth in the Chris Hedges book "Empire of Illusion". Did you know what THAT book did for me???

    It made me see the truth. It made me weep for humanity.

  • No I would not

    I don't care for the Kardashian's. I don't know why they are famous, their nasally voices hurt my ears, and they seem to be very full of themselves. I don't need to buy a stupid book full of pictures of her, when I can go on Google and look at them. If it sells good for her, but I have better things to spend my money on.

  • No, never would

    I am not a Kim Kardashian fan, but if I was I could look at her Instagram or Twitter and Internet and find enough selfies of her. I don't see why any one would actual purchase pictures of her when she is already every where. If you did purchase it how many times would you want to look at the same pictures just seems a complete waste to me.

  • So Much Nope

    It's hard for me to understand why people love Kim Kardashian so much. She literally has no real claim to fame, other than what is handed to her. Her father was OJ's lawyer, her family had a reality show, and she's been jumping between high profile relationships for fame. Is this really the role model for society? No, I would not purchase this book, and if I can help it, I will make a conscious effort to avoid contributing to Kim Kardashian's profit margin at all.

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