Kim Kardashian's Game Makes Big Bucks: Would you want to be Kim Kardashian?

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  • No, I would not want to be Kim Kardashian.

    It is my belief that making big bucks or in simpler terms, making lots of money is not all there is to life. One should not strive to make money rather he/she should strive to be happy and to make others happy. While Kim Kardashian's Game makes big bucks, it does not mean that happiness can be bought with those big bucks forever.

  • Kim's Fame on the Back of... Herself

    Kim Kardashian's fame and fortune are something to behold. Worth millions, a successful marriage, a popular public persona, it is easy to forget that Kim came to the country's attention due to a scandalous adult film. This pornographic rise to the top should not be forgotten when considering her success. If I had to do that to be famous and wealthy like her, forget it. I value my integrity.

  • I would not like the publicity that goes along with being Kim Kardashian.

    Kim Kardashian is famous and beautiful and has a lot of money. Many people would like to be her because then they would be all those things. But with fame comes the paparazzi. Every where Kim goes, people want to take her picture. They watch everything she does and she has to constantly be on guard to make sure that she doesn't do something wrong. Although being beautiful, rich and famous would be nice, I would not like what goes with it.

  • Kim Kardashian an unwelcome success

    It seems that the Kardashian empire knows no limits. With the recently launched Kim Kardashian mobile game, the Kardashians show they are still a popular fad in the American eye. Regardless of the success of the mobile game, I would still not trade my circumstances for that of the Kardashians. I would truly be happier out of the Hollywood spotlight and make a worthy contribution to the world instead of being a famous-for-no-reason person.

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