Kim Kardashian's selfies coming soon in hardcover: Are there more important news stories than this?

  • Yes, there are more important news stories than Kim Kardashian's book of selfies.

    The newsworthiness of a pop culture star's book of selfies is extremely minimal compared to the domestic and international events in the news--specifically, the unrest in Ferguson after a caucasian police officer shot an unarmed black teen, the global threat of ISIS and the beheading of an American journalist, and the devastating war in Syria.

  • Kim K. Is a waste of skin cells

    It is unbelievable that someone as talentless as Kim Kardashian can become famous. The fact that we actually care that a talentless f***'s selfies is another example of how pathetic the human race can be sometimes. It would be a blessing if she could just get hit by a bus and we could all move on with our lives.

  • Yes, there is more important news than Kim Kardashian's selfies coming out in hardcover

    Yes, there is more important news than Kim Kardashian's selfies coming out in hardcover. Really the world has more important news to read about like the murder of the Christians in Iraq or the murder of James Foley, the American journalist murdered by ISIS. Kim Kardashian and people like her do not make real news for real people. They make news for teenagers and people not concerned with the real adult. News about Kim Kardashian's pictures should be confined to celebrity tabloid sites not real journalism sites.

  • Of course there is

    Kim Kardashian is so over! Really! Nobody cares what she is doing. There are things like people dying of Ebola in Africa. There are school shootings, famous actors dying, and terrorist activities. These are far more important and newsworthy than anything that Kim K. is doing. She is boring and boorish...

  • Yes, reporting celebrity narcissism is trivial news report.

    Yes, posting a global news article on the release of a hardcover book containing Kim Kardashian's selfies is insignificant in comparison to the many world issues of today. There are more critical events that need coverage to spread public awareness and action. These events include, but are not limited to, events such as the Michael Brown shooting and the widespread of unreported police brutality, or the Israel-Gaza conflict and our country's involvement with the dispute. It seems most celebrity reports are intended to distract the public away from the more pressing realities of our world. The "Kim Kardashian's selfies coming soon in hardcover event" is just that. If there is less reports on Kim Kardashian's every waking moment, than there would be more time and effort placed on educating our public about homeland and international affairs.

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