Kim Novak at the Oscars: Is Hollywood too concerned with youth and/or the appearance of looking young?

  • Yes, always has been, always will be.

    Yes, Hollywood is too concerned with youth and looking young. Kim Novak, is such a talented actress and to do something so unnatural to her face is sad. What is wrong with aging. I think that women in Hollywood should take a stand, age naturally and show that their is nothing wrong about getting older.

  • Yes, Hollywood focuses too much on the appearance of youth.

    Yes, there is too much focus on youthful appearance in Hollywood, especially for women. While men are allowed to age and date characters in film who are much younger (see Clint Eastwood in "In the Line of Fire,") the shelf life of actresses in Hollywood is much too short, because of the focus on looks.

  • Yes, Hollywood is overtly concerned about looking young.

    I definitely think that Hollywood is overtly concerned about youth and the appearance of looking young. I think that it is important for Hollywood to portray an image of youth and superficiality. It is a business after all. It is all about the image and selling the flash of the lifestyle.

  • Hollywood Is Obsessed

    Obsessed! Hollywood is absolutely obsessed with youth or the appearance of looking young. I think their traditions of youth and their worship of youth is somewhat wrong. Everyone else in this country ages naturally, why do we have celebrities who undergo several surgeries to maintain the youth in a false sense. Age brings more benefits than youth.

  • That's often repeated, but not reality.

    I think that we have put far too much credence in the blanket statement that we're concerned with youth and the appearance of looking young. I thought that Kim Novak simply looked like a product of Hollywood. Not everyone ages the same way. And also, consider that plastic surgery is sometimes done solely for the recipient to feel better about themselves.

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