Kimberly Bryant and the Black Girls Code: How will she affect the tech generation?

  • Yes, she will.

    Kimberly Bryant and the Blak Girls Club will have a positive effect on the tech generation. She will encourage other young black women to become involved in creating and studying new technology by giving them the support and encouragement that they need in order to succeed at what they want to do in life.

  • Kimberly Bryant is providing support, connection and a platform for young, black women in technology.

    Kimberly Bryant is giving voice to a new generation of black girls who might otherwise feel isolated and alone in terms of their interest in the STEM sciences. She has created a platform where these young women can meet, connect and grow together, and Black Girls Code provides a support network for people that otherwise might not be supported.

  • Abundant Opportunities will be the Future!

    Black Girls Code provides to coders, programming, and technology, this rewarding program targeting the new generation will provide them many options for the future. The impact will be fantastic, and I welcome the new generation having this jump-start. Teaching them at a young age will help them excel in the future. I hope this is a lead in the right direction for many programs similar to this.

  • She will not likely have much impact on the tech generation

    Kimberly Bryant is not likely to have much affect on the tech generation. Most young people are fond of technology not because of celebrities, but because they enjoy using it. The tech generation enjoys staying plugged-in to the world through technology gadgets. They will likely continue using technology in the future regardless of celebrities.

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