• Kimbo Slice's death means that street brawling should be banned

    Kimbo Slice was a famed street brawler, but his death means that the sport should come under greater scrutiny. I think it should even be outlawed. The sport is essentially a "Fight Club" scenario where often bare-knuckled opponents battle one another. This promotes violence in our society, which is not a healthy direction for America to go.

  • Yes, I believe that street brawling should be outlawed because it is unregulated and very dangerous.

    Yes, I believe that street brawling should be outlawed because individuals with health complications are at risk of dying in these unregulated fights. Kimbo Slice will be remembered as a street fighting legend but his lifestyle was not safe and street fighting should be banned to prevent meaningless deaths in the future.

  • Yes braling should be outlawed.

    after the death of Kimbo Slice I do believe that street brawling should be outlawed or highly regulated to prevent further incidents. I understand the appeal and the growing awareness to the practice but it is barbarian and people in the end will be seriously hurt. How many more deaths will it take for lawmakers to take action.

  • Street brawling should not be outlawed

    Kimbo Slice died from heart failure, and was waiting for a heart transplant. His death isn't related at all to his street brawling career, and is probably related more to his career in MMA. If anything, his death should signal for changes in health care for athletes.

    Street brawls are between two consenting adults, there are no victims. What is the difference between any physical altercation between two adults and a street fight? It isn't the fact that people are trying to profit from them that is the problem, nor the fact that they are filmed. The only reason why people would try to legislate something like street fighting would be the violence, which is both natural and something that we're exposed to daily.

    The fact that it's unregulated, and that there are legitimate risks to the athlete, could be a legitimate reason for outlawing street fighting. However, consider the fact that the death of Kimbo Slice was unrelated to his time street fighting and that he died under contract with Bellator. The drug abuse that Kimbo experienced while under contract with UFC/Bellator had a more significant impact on his health than the street fighting. Perhaps it isn't street fighting that needs to be regulated, but the sport that actually killed Kimbo?

  • Yes, street brawling is dangerous and should not be allowed.

    Yes, street brawling should be illegal. While I am a firm believer that the actions of one should not necessarily dictate the rules for all, I believe that street brawling, by nature, is dangerous and would be very difficult to regulate to a point at which it could be safely allowed. While early reports do not indicate that Kimbo Slice died as a direct result of his participation in street fighting or mixed martial arts, there have been plentiful studies completed on the risks involved with other organized 'rough' sports, including boxing wrestling, and even football and hockey. Even with these highly-regulated official sports, the risks to one's health are great; concussions, broken bones, missing teeth, and internal damage are all prolific in these sports and that is with adequate padding, equipment, rules, referees, medical assistance, etc. The very nature of street brawling excludes all of these protections and almost ensures that serious, if not permanent damage or death may occur. Medical personnel are not readily available, nor is there enough (if any) protective gear to keep people from being gravely injured. To do so would dramatically alter the sport and essentially turn it into something that already exists (such as MMA). For that reason, street brawling should be outlawed.

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