Kinder chocolate cancerous: Is famous chocolate unsafe for consumption?

  • No MOSH IIn My Chocolate Please

    Aromatic or saturated mineral oils in sweet treats is simply unacceptable. The entity Foodwatch is right on point by demanding products found to contain the possibly carcinogenic and mutagenic components be removed from store shelves. I cannot imagine as a parent that the companies responsible would not take heed and remove the products to prevent lawsuits from being mounted.

  • Why Are We Surprised When Our Favorite Factory-made Foods Are Labeled Unsafe?

    Recent accusations claim that there is a carcinogenic oil in the much-beloved Kinder chocolate. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, much of our food is now made in factories on huge mechanized assembly lines. What do any of us really know about the processes that made the food we're taking off grocery store shelves and cramming into our mouths? You'd think we'd all be a little more wary of what we put into our bodies, and I'm going to start right now by avoiding all Kinder chocolate.

  • No, one example of a cancerous chocolate does mean that all famous brands are unsafe for consumption.

    It's unfortunate that Kinder chocolates turned out to have dangerous levels of carcinogens, but it does not logically follow that all famous chocolates must be dangerous. Assuming the worst of a group because one member turned out to be cancerous is a popular logical fallacy known as composition and should never be used to make supposedly rational decisions. Different companies have different ingredients and methods; not all of them are alike.

  • No, famous chocolates are not unsafe for consumption.

    Because the "possible carcinogen" mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon has been found in the packaging of Kinder candy and MAY be present to some degree in the chocolate itself, I would not go shouting from the rooftops to say the chocolate is unsafe for consumption. Th key words are possible and may. Every day we are warned of a new possible health hazard that may harm us. People are still smoking!

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