• Imagine This Conversation

    . . . Floridatoday. Com has an article headlined

    "Imagine this conversation from the all-civilian crew of the Inspiration4? | Opinion"
    The launch of a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon 9 rocket on the Inspiration4 mission launched from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center with an all civilian crew who plan to orbit the earth for three days before returning. The crew was launched at 8:02 p. M. Wednesday evening. View from the Beachline with the Canaveral Lock in the foreground,
    BILL MICK | GUEST COLUMNIST | 7:22 am EDT September 19, 2021, The article says:

    "SpaceX just completed its first all-civilian crewed space mission. Think about that. It’s an amazing feat of engineering and determination.

    It was also a flying fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — a worthy cause. In fact, One of the amateur astronauts is a former St. Jude’s cancer patient who now works for the hospital. How cool is that?

    As I thought about this mission and how things are different now that the privatization of space is under way, I also think of what came before, The innovations that have occurred and those that are to come. I’ve been enamored with space since the premier of Star Trek in 1967. I never expected to see non-astronauts in space. Now, The possibilities are seemingly endless.

    More: Can't convince anyone of anything if they're not listening | Opinion

    Bill Mick, Host of Bill Mick Live on iHeart Radio's WMMB
    Then I thought about this mission in particular. It consisted of four non-astronauts making up the entire on-board crew for this fourth ever manned flight for SpaceX. Wait a minute. No pilot? Who is supposed to handle things if something, Like the spacecraft, Goes sideways?

    I asked our audience this week if they would take such a flight if given the opportunity. In a busy call day on the show it was about a 50-50 split. Think about this… "

  • New Space Force Uniforms & Kirk

    On September 21, 2021 TheHill. Com
    has an article headlined
    "New Space Force uniforms draw comparisons to 'Star Trek, ' 'Battlestar Galactica' "

    BY MYCHAEL SCHNELL, The article says

    "The U. S. Space Force unveiled new uniform prototypes on Tuesday, Drawing comparisons to ones from "Star Trek" and "Battlestar Galactica. "

    The Space Force's Guardian Service Dress prototype was introduced at the Air Force Association's Air Space & Cyber conference in Maryland on Tuesday It includes a dark navy coat, Six buttons running diagonally up the right-hand side and grey pants.

    The new uniforms mark a change from the Air Force dress blues that the Space Force uniform was derived from in 2019, According to Military. Com.

    Gen. John Raymond said the six buttons, Which have the Space Force emblem, Are meant to symbolize the Space Force being the military's sixth service, Military. Com reported.

    Lt. Col. Alison Gonzalez, The Space Force deputy chief of strategy who modeled the new uniforms at the conference on Tuesday, Reportedly said the prototypes were designed taking women into account, Which is a diversion from the military's usual strategy of creating uniforms for men then adjusting them for women.

    The prototypes, However, Are now drawing comparisons to sci-fi series "Star Trek" and "Battlestar Galactica, " with individuals turning to social media to juxtapose the similar uniforms.

    Stephen Losey, A reporter at Military. Com, Tweeted a photo of a woman wearing the uniform prototype and Captain Kirk from "Star Trek" with the caption "Getting some Wrath of Khan flashbacks all of a sudden. . . "

    The Twitter account for the Armed Forces Committee of Western New York also tweeted photos of the prototype and Captain Kirk.

    Another Twitter user called the new uniform "A blend of the Star Trek Enterprise dress uniform, But with the Mirror Universe diagonal. "

    "So you're really gonna make the Space Force uniforms look like Battlestar Galactica huh? " another Twitter user wrote. "

  • Respect for Kirk

    . . . . In September2021 cbr. Com has an article headlined
    "Star Trek: The 10 Most Respected Characters In The Franchise" the article says
    Star Trek has created a handful of fun, Diverse, And even respected characters over its various seasons.


    "Seven of Nine, Sisko, And Picard from the Star Trek Universe
    Since its debut in 1966, Star Trek has singlehandedly redefined the sci-fi genre by introducing audiences to a myriad of memorable and dynamic characters from across the galaxy. From the most menacing aliens, Like the Klingons, To the most humble humans, Like Captain Janeway, Star Trek has created a handful of fun, Diverse, And even respected characters over its various seasons.

    In a world full of countless Starfleet captains and Federation leaders, Gaining respect is not an easy task, Yet some characters have gone above and beyond, Gaining respect not only from within the universe but from fans as well. "
    #9 on the list is Kirk as played by William Shatner and it says
    'Kirk Performed Many Historical & Perilous Deeds Throughout His Time As Captain
    Captain Kirk aboard his ship, The Enterprise, From TOS,
    "his adventures, Deeds, And commitment to the Federation have earned him much respect. Simply put, He's done some great things for the Federation as a Starfleet captain.
    He's made first contact with countless new and strange aliens while commanding the Enterprise, He's stood toe to toe with many hostile aliens, Including the Romulans and the Klingons, And he's overseen some very important events (in some cases even caused them, Like being the first person to pass the Kobayashi Maru test). Most captains could only ever dream of having the career that Kirk had. " Again this article says
    "Most captains could only dream of having the career that Kirk had"

  • Changing Technology & Kirk mentioned, Part 2

    Higher education

    Many universities and colleges will use technology to get with the post-pandemic programme and tear down their walls. By partnering and co-branding with some of the biggest players in tech, And using state-of-the-art digital tools, Learning will finally be widely available to all – at a price that most people can afford.

    15-minute spaces

    As remote office space takes over our home space, We are going to need a third space outside of the home and the traditional office where we can work and socialise, Prioritise well-being, And be part of the community. These not-quite-work, Not-quite-home spaces will need to be within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride or drive.

    “Cloud kitchens”

    For young people, Eating in will be the new eating out. Expect a brutal winnowing down of overpriced, Underwhelming chain restaurants that litter the high street today.

    Mental health

    From “head space” coaches ensuring the mental well-being of workers to AI-assisted healthcare technicians using real-time biometric data from wearables, Organisations will design future jobs with a view to safeguarding and strengthening their most valued assets: the minds of their employees.

    The future of care

    Healthcare will become as automatic and frictionless as our taxi rides, Food services and video calls. Soon, You will be able to shop for health services, Comparing and selecting the most affordable or highest rated.


    Combine infrared lasers with a vibrometer, A database, And an algorithm built to identify the heart’s rhythm, And you have “Jetson”, A device that can detect an individual’s unique cardiac signature and allow you to leave your credit cards and ID card at home.

    As we age, Nothing is more important than being in good hands. Increasingly, Humans will be supported by robots. Our seniors will rest in hands not quite human, But more so than no hands at all.

    Virtual reality

    More than just a gaming system, VR will become ubiquitous. Zoom will be for amateurs, VR for professionals.

    Artificial intelligence

    Did you ever see Captain Kirk type? He just talked to technology. Every device will be voice-enabled, And our “digits” will be superfluous.

    The future is relentless and unforgiving, And right now, Coming at us faster than ever. The Timeline of Next will help you put your thinking cap on. "

    Ben Pring is director of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work. For more on these and other trends of the future, Visit cognizant. Com/whitepapers/the-timeline-of-next-codex6523. Pdf

  • Changing Technology & Kirk mentioned

    . . . . Newstatesman. Com on September 21, 2021
    has an article headlined
    "The Timeline of Next" and it says:
    Technology will transform every aspect of society. Cognizant’s latest report shows that we need to reflect on how we approach the future. "

    By Ben Pring,

    "In the next decade, The world will be a very different place. As the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put it: “The pace of change has never been so fast, Yet it will never be this slow again. ” To prepare for what comes next, We need to pay more attention than ever to deep tectonic shifts – in technology, Culture, Demographics – so we can get ahead and use them to our advantage, Rather than be surprised and overwhelmed.

    In our recent report, The Timeline of Next, We explore 16 “megatrends” grouped under four broad themes – living, Working, Learning and economics that lay out a vision for tomorrow, Based on foundational changes that will profoundly alter everything around us.


    The calculus of a single, Detached, Nuclear family unit no longer computes. In the near future, An abundance of new family configurations will become mainstream – from familiar variations, Such as the multigenerational households to new types of households built on groupings formed around shared culture rather than biology. "
    Intergenerational conflict

    Boomers had a good run, But they will not be able to run away from their bills as they come due. The “Roaring Twenties” will be the time to remake our system before a generation feels entirely locked out – a generation that the future is counting on.

    Capitalism 2. 0

    Building back better means building back differently. The great opportunity ahead is to craft economic models that harness the engine of capitalism with the brakes of broadly distributed fairness.

    Rebalancing online and offline worlds

    Covid-19 pushed us deeper into our digital worlds. Four digital fail-safes will become commonplace as we seek to manage technology, And not let it manage us: a shorter working week; employee incentives to disconnect; offices equipped with recharge rooms and wellness spaces; improvements in “digital hygiene” in the workplace – “Wi-Fi free” not “free Wi-Fi”.

    The future of the office

    The office is not dead, But the daily commute to a cubicle will become a thing of the past. In the future, Offices will have three roles: a showroom (a prestige place to impress clients, Prospects and media), An R&D lab (where the secret sauce is developed), And a party space (for monthly social/collaborative shindigs).
    Living at work
    Expect considerable investments in home infrastructure now that working from home is the new normal: faster bandwidth, More VPNs, Houses built with dedicated offices, Sound-proofing and Gorilla Glass walls.
    The hybrid schooling mandate

    Hybrid schooling will become the norm and see the weekly learning cycle turn into three days at home and two days in school. "

  • Present Day Stories & The Voyager Home, Part 2

    "This 20th century feels far more inhabited than other portrayals, With screen time being given over to casual conversations between bin men, And workplace arguments independent of the former Enterprise crew.

    Of course, By now the crew of 1701-no-bloody-A-B-C-or-D should be old hands at Earth in the 20th century. This is their fourth trip here, Not counting planets-that-mysteriously-resemble-Earth-in-the-20th-century.

    But these fish are never more out of water than they are in this film, And the results are charming. Kirk explaining swearing to Spock, Kirk observing people “still use money”, Chekov standing in the middle of the street asking for directions to the “Nuclear Wessels”, Scotty’s “Hello Computer! ” and Kirk Thatcher getting nerve-pinched for listening to his own music on a ghetto blaster. Plus countless more zingers, Sight gags and throwaway lines that I’m still finding new ones of after many, Many re-watches.

    And the cast are clearly having the time of their lives. Shatner’s comic talent was always on display, But in this movie he is really allowed to cut it fully loose giving reaction shots that make you feel bad about every time you mocked his acting.

    But no matter how silly it gets, This film knows, More than any other, The point of sending Star Trek characters into the modern day. It is to show us the difference between our ideal selves and where we are – and it does it no less starkly than ‘Past Tense’. With a light comic touch, Kirk and co. Encounter capitalism, The spectre of nuclear war, And most of all, The devastating environmental impact we’re having. Even if we reach the ideal Star Trek future, This film says, We could still lose things we can’t replace along the way.

    Star Trek: Picard is going to have to work hard if it wants to walk in its footsteps. "

  • Present Day Stories & The Voyage Home

    . . . Denofgeek. Com has an article headlined
    "Star Trek: Ranking the Stories Set in the Present Day" the article says:
    "When Star Trek crews visit present-day Earth, The results range from fish-out-of-water comedy to bleak confrontations of just how far we are from Roddenberry's utopian vision.

    By Chris Farnell
    September 15, 2021
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    Star Trek present day episodes header image
    Photo: CBS
    So the new Star Trek: Picard trailer has dropped and among the big plot twists it revealed are the fact that Picard & Co are going to be travelling back to Earth, Circa 2022 AD. We’re looking forward to exciting scenes of people from the 24th century being unable to drive cars (despite the pretty lengthy car chase we saw in the last episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks), Q and Picard sparring again, And wondering how Guinan fits into all this. My personal theory is that after her adventures with Picard and Mark Twain in the 19th century, Guinan decided to stick around on Earth, Eventually posing as an actor called Whoopi Goldberg.

    This is far from the first time Star Trek has travelled back to the present day – even if “present day” is pretty broad for the 55-year-old franchise. We have no way of knowing why the series keeps returning to this setting that doesn’t need the manufacture of any new props, Sets or costumes, But it seems like a good time to look at when Star Trek has done this before and ask “Who wore it better? ”
    6 Stories are given
    #1 on the list is
    1. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    There wasn’t ever really going to be any debate over this, Was there? Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is hands down the one to beat if you’re writing Star Trek characters travelling to the present day. The film itself was something of a departure for the franchise. Rather than Robert Wise’s epic, Sombre, Proper science fiction in The Motion Picture, Or the bombastic action of Nicholas Meyer’s Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home was helmed by a director who would be best known for the cult comedy, Three Men & A Baby"

  • Inspiration4 & Kirk

    The website kimt. Com on September 16, 2021 has an article headlined

    History has been made as Inspiration4, The first-ever orbital flight crewed entirely by tourists, Launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

    This article even makes Reference to
    William Shatner & Kirk, Making reference to the 2011 documentary "The Space Shuttle"
    narrated by Shatner and it says

    "This full-length documentary is free to view on NASA's official YouTube channel, And is narrated by none other than William Shatner -- the original Captain Kirk from "Star Trek. " The
    Full article can be found online,

  • The U. S. Air Force and Kirk

    . . . . Redshirtsalwaysdie. Com on
    September 18, 2021 has an article headlined
    "Air Force Academy used Star Trek to study leadership"
    by Rachel Carrington, The article says:
    Star Trek is the defining guide for leadership

    There was never any question as to who was in charge of the U. S. S. Enterprise on Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain James T. Kirk commanded his crew, And they followed him without question. (Although Dr. McCoy did push the limit a few times. ) No matter what circumstances, The crew knew they could trust him. They knew he wouldn’t lead them wrong. Sure, He might make a mistake, But Kirk knew about leadership and managed that ship well.

    And that’s why the Air Force Academy used Star Trek as the go-to to study for leadership. According to STS-130 pilot Terry Virts, Who is a colonel in the U. S. Air Force, A NASA astronaut, And the pilot of space shuttle missions with more than 4, 300 flight hours in more than 40 types of aircraft, There were good reasons for using Star Trek as their guide.

    “There were a lot of practical lessons to learn about decisiveness versus being too rash, Or performing your specific role well to help the team. It was an interesting study in real-world leadership through this fictional show. ”

    Captain Kirk didn’t demand to be followed on Star Trek
    And that was one of the greatest things about Kirk. He didn’t have to demand to be followed; he just was. Great leaders don’t have to insist that people follow them. They make people want to follow them. And that is one thing that Star Trek has done right with its captains.

    On all of the series, They’ve chosen the right people to helm those fictional bridges, People that present an air of authority and carry command like it’s comfortable instead of burdensome. It’s no wonder a branch of the military was able to utilize those components when training its cadets for the future. "

  • Good article by Eric Diaz

    . . . . The website Nerdist. Com has an article headlined
    by Eric Diaz
    Sep 16 2021 • the article says
    "There is probably no single person in all of geekdom who gets imitated more than William Shatner. The Canadian-born actor has played many roles over his long career. But to most folks reading this, He is someone forever known as Captain James Tiberius Kirk from Star Trek. His way of delivering dialogue, Specifically as Kirk, Is something that comedians just can’t resist mocking. And it’s been that way for decades.

    Now, Vanity Fair has caught up with the very spry 90 year old legend, And asked him to review several notable imitations of him over the years. You can watch his reactions in the video below.

    You can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for Mr. Shatner watching this. You can tell it’s plain torture for him having to watch all these people poke fun at his very specific style of line delivery. But it’s equally hilarious to see how, Even at 90 years of age, Shatner is not self-aware enough to see that yes, He does indeed sound like that. These SNL skits and whatnot are all exaggerated of course, But they’re funny because they’re accurate. But props to him. Because we’re not sure we could sit through that many videos of folks making fun of us.

    William Shatner watches Jim Carrey's imitation of him.
    Vanity Fair

    Among those doing their best Shatners are some serious comedy legends. There’s John Belushi, Jim Carrey, And avowed Trekker, Seth MacFarlane. For some reason, The MacFarlane one really gets Shatner’s goat. Maybe it’s because it’s the truest to life? Chris Pine’s SNL version is there too, Which feels very meta. Actually, Watching this video makes us wish we’d get Shatner back for one more go-round as Captain Kirk. And he deserves a better send-off than the one he got in Star Trek: Generations, That’s for sure. Let Shatner give one more performance as Kirk to fuel the next 40 years of imitators. "

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  • “Always” is absolute

    Let me start by saying that i prefer Picard over Kirk, Both for his acting and the way the character was portrayed. And I’ll admit I’m biased having watched the next generation first. But all of that is irrelevant to the question as I see it. “Will Kirk will always be better than Picard” first is framed in a way that Kirk is better than Picard to begin with. Second I am hesitant to believe anything can and will “always” be. There are exceptions. . . . Math being a prime example.

  • This is the worst debate in the entire website

    Its just one guy spamming copy pastes he found on the internet which aren't even arguments for the debate. This dude needs to get a girlfriend or something or go outside get a job etc. Like seriously what is your purpose dude? Probably not even a real person but rather a robot programmed to spam random things it found

  • I have come back

    The yes side is still being massively spammed, I need reinforcements guys. Somebody spam the no side to counter this spam, It would be what Picard wanted. Kirk is a f***ing loser and you all know that. TNG is the best series and has the best crew including Picard. F*ck the Kirk spammer

  • The yes side is spammed by the same person so Picard is better

    Picard is just way more recognizable and is from the better series so he wins. End of story End of story End of story End of story End of story End of story. Picard is way more respectable and has better story in the series. Also he has better memes like the famous facepalm. The spammer on the left over there is a fake star trek fan

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