KISS inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but doesn't perform: Did the band deserve the induction?

  • Absolutely They Should Be

    Even though KISS plays a very generic brand of rock music and really didn't contribute any more than their contemporaries, they still developed a massive fan base (the KISS Army) and have become a piece of pop-culture nostalgia. They have still sold millions of albums and still pack arenas whenever they decide to hit the road. If Zeppelin gets in, so does KISS.

  • It's about time

    Yes kiss should be in there but not only the original members. Other bands are allowed to induct multiple past and present members so what are the rules. Kiss is the greatest band to ever grace a stage in my biased opinion since I have loved them my whole life. They could sing the worst song but I still love it if they sang it.

  • Yes they do.

    Its an induction, it has nothing to do with performing at the induction. Based on the same logic the Beatles and the Doors should not have been inducted. After all John Lennon and Jim Morrison did not perform. Their are a multitude of reasons not to perform together, such as hate among members. Its an acknowledgment of greatness not of playing nice with the camera.

  • KISS still rocks!

    KISS has been performing for 40 years, and I still think that they should be inducted to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Also, like Paul Stanley always says "You wanted the best, you got the best." You do have the best! I love them so much, I want to hang out with them!!!

  • KISS still rocks.

    Despite not performing, KISS is a legendary rock n' roll band. They've been performing and doing concerts for the their fans for 40 years. Ever since they got inducted to the Rock N' Roll Hall Fame, they have been wanting to keep doing performances forever! Paul and Tommy are my favorite members because Tommy is cool, he knows what to do, and always helpful to the others. I also like Paul, too, because he wrote his book called Face the Music, I love it. He's also hot on stage, and when he's with girls, he will love you forever. They rock out, and they've been my favorite hard rock band ever since, well, forever!!!!!!

  • KISS still rocks

    KISS continues to perform and work to stay current. They have endured as few other rock bands and some of their songs are, and will continue to be, recognized by numerous generations. They play by their own rules and have always been irreverent. They still ipitomize rock-n-roll. They deserve the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • KISS deserves Hall of Fame status

    Let's be clear: I don't like KISS. I think they're showmen, not musicians. But it's not my opinion that sells Rock and Roll records.

    I thought KISS was silly and theatrical when my friends' children first started to listen to it, and I think that now, too. But those kids bought a lot of albums.

  • Yes, the band truly is a legend.

    Despite not performing, KISS is a legendary rock and roll band. They were a major presence in rock during the 1970s. Their influence in hard rock is far reaching with many bands today still citing them as an inspiration. Their elaborate live performances and decorative face paint are some of those memorable rock and roll images to date. They're an incredible act that have deserved their spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years.

  • KISS is irrelevant

    I don't care if a band still performs after 40 years. I believe Boy George still sings, so it's not necessarily good music. Good guitarists, I agree, but that's not all you need. It's an American list, that is clear. No Joy Division, no Smiths. Bands who were of huge inspiration to modern day artists. KISS? Not so much in my opinion. Good band, but not Hall of Fame worthy.

    Posted by: Jero
  • Kiss is a joke

    Just try and listen to any one of their albums all the way through.

    God awful. They occasionally put out a good single, here and there, but the albums, judged alone, are garbage. One good track here, maybe a couple there, but never a solid, bulletproof album, except maybe Destroyer, in the 70's.

    Besides the music, just look at them. They dress like mimes! No, too me, Rock and Roll is somebody like Lou Reed, or Kurt Cobain, or Iggy Pop.

  • No, KISS isn't good enough

    I never understood KISS' appeal in the 70s and I still don't. I think they were more of a hit because of their outlandish makeup and performance style, but as musicians, they weren't anything to write home about. The Hall of Fame should be an honor reserved for better artists than KISS>

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