Kissing Politician: Should Vance McAllister step down?

  • Yes, he tarnished his reputation as a trustworthy figure.

    McAllister proved himself to be a liar and a cheat. A man that has no loyalty and honor to his wife should not be trusted to hold such a role in charge of those very things in regards to voters. He soiled his name and proved himself to be dishonest. Aside from this, he disgraced his district and his wife publicly. The right thing to do would be to bow out gracefully and let someone with a higher sense of ethics fill the void.

  • They need to behave.

    Yes, Van McAllister should step down, because we need to know that our politicians are trustworthy. Politicians should be able to represent the people in their district and keep their pants on at the same time. If you want to fool around, you do not have time to be representing the people.

  • Yes He Should

    I believe Vance McAllister should step down. I believe our government is having a lot of problems and these problems generally start with the politicians we elect. It is about time we realized this and pushed people out as we deem them incapable. I have my doubts McAllister is capable of doing his job.

  • No, but he should watch his step.

    Vance McAllister did not do anything to warrant his resignation. He cheated and hurt a friend but he did nothing to compromise his position in government. I would prefer it if we called for the resignation of the officials who rob the poor to feed the rich. The ones who pass unfair laws that benefit themselves and leave the people in the dust.

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