• Strongly agree with the role of media

    Media can make any band a success or failure. That is the strength of media. It can form an opinion about any band. It is very important that everything that comes in the media about the Klaatu- The Secret Band is positive, so that we can make it a success

  • Yes, the media influences public opinion.

    The media influence public opinion of everything based on what they share and the way they present news. If the media writes about certain events, they are deemed important because word gets out. They also can have a bias and present things in an opinionated way to shape viewers' opinions on a subject.

  • Of course it does

    The media exposes the general public to the opinions of the company chair holders under the guise of "correct" information or "facts". It is pretty sad, in all actuality, that people are so swayed by media influence instead of forming their own opinions through research and discovery. The media ruins free thought.

  • Media Deeply Influences Public Opinion

    The media is a source of information for most of the public. In many cases the media is the only source of information about the world and its goings-on. There are very few media sources that are completely objective or non-biased one way or another. Those that are biased will only reveal the information about a subject that supports their views on it. Therefore, a person who only watches that one news outlet for information will only be fed one side of an argument and have an under-educated opinion on that subject.

    The media will also purposefully leave out information in stories so to influence the public to sway the way the media wants the public to. For example, a news outlet could go to a relatively clean beach and find one oil-covered gull there. They would only show the audience that one bird and claim the entire beach is a hazardous waste dump. The viewers who have never been to that beach or do not research this story further will believe exactly what they see and hear.

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