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  • Kmart employees shouldn't have to work.

    Kmart employees, and any employee in that matter, shouldn't have to work on Thanksgiving. Spending time with your family is something that should be put into the uttermost front position. Thanksgiving, like many holidays, should be spent with your family and not having to work would be a plus in that matter.

  • No, it's their choice.

    Employees should still have the freedom to work under their own control without being held into their contract similar to slaves. Thanksgiving especially is so important that they should be granted that time to be with their friends and family, especially when they must spend so much time working long hours in Kmart anyway.

  • No, Kmart employees should be allowed to spend the holidays with their families.

    During the holidays, many people use that time to relax and reconnect with loved ones. Those people that happen to be employees of major department stores should be afforded the same opportunity. Many employees already have the task of dealing with thousands of customers swarming their stores the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday shopping. Opening the doors several hours earlier not only interferes with family time for those employees, it also shifts the focus of the customers who would usually be sitting at the table to enjoy dinner with their families and not racing to the store to be the first person in line for a new television.

  • KMart Thanksgiving Outrage

    No. No one should be forced to work. They should get higher pay for working the holiday and maybe it would provide a legitimate incentive. It is unfair on any holiday to force something upon employees. I agree with a petition against this. I would be infuriated if I worked there.

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