Knowing that salt is bad for us, should we place it on the table?

  • Yes salt should be on the table.

    When used in moderation salt is not bad for human health. It enhances the flavor of food when used properly and won't overtake your taste buds like other ingredients. Salt may be bad for some people but it is not bad for everyone. Everyone's body is different and can handle different foods in different ways.

  • Salt is not bad

    Salt in moderation is not a bad thing to have so it should not be removed from tables or kitchens. Some people act like the food police and want to take away many different types of food that they deem bad for us. Salt in moderation adds great flavor to food

  • Salt should be removed from the table

    No, salt should not be placed on the table. Most of the time we reach for the salt because it is on the table. If the preparer has already added salt and other seasonings to the meal then it should only be supplied when requested. I have seen people to utilize salt before tasting the food to see if any salt has already been added.

  • Salt is necessary for life and is fine on the table.

    This idea that salt is all bad is misguided. Salt is absolutely necessary for survival. Depending on the amount of salt already in a food, adding salt may be unnecessary, and thus it does not need to be on the table. That depends on the meal. Salt can be handled when used properly at fairly high levels. Its fine on the table. The butter needs to go though.

  • It's Not Needed

    Growing up in the family with a father who has dealt with salt restrictions by his medical provider we never had salt on the table. I believe salt can help give flavor to a dish, but it should be used during the cooking process, not after wards. Salt is something that should be used in moderation, not on a daily basis at the table.

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