Knowing the social burdens created by alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, does the legalization of marijuana seem logical?

  • Nothing but logical

    Of course it's logical. "Social burdens" are individual choices. If you choose to smoke marijuana it's your choice and you shouldn't be denied access because the idea of you smoking pot bothers people who choose not to. I'd also like to urge people who are against the legalization of marijuana to stop using the "no it's a drug" argument because alcohol nicotine and caffeine are all "drugs" as well so don't try to make an argument out of a senseless statement especially when you're puffing on your cigarette while drinking your coffee the morning after getting hammered at the club

  • For the Sake of Consistency

    People don't respect inconsistent laws. If we're going to keep marijuana illegal alcohol and cigarettes illegal too since they are more dangerous.

  • Marijuana should be legalized, because it has medical benefits.

    Marijuana has been proven to be helpful for many ailments. I think it should be available for people who can benefit from it. For some ailments, it is no worse than being put on potentially harmful drugs. Marijuana does have side effects, but so do other drugs that are readily prescribed.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • In this economy...

    With the current economic recession, temporary legalization of "Mary Jane" as some call it would help by placing a tax. Logically, the demand for said drug is enormous in black markets. The sin taxation could aid the government a bit more.

  • And banning anything for the small guy is stupid, its what they do with it that they should be jugded for(ie murder another).

    It makes me sleepy and when i need sleep i need to sleep, i don't want to be fucking taking all these stupid fucking pills my doctor attempts to give me(ambienTM). If you dont like Marijuana then don't smoke. the only thing locking people in jail does is create jobs only ass-holes will do , and in turn creates conflict. I don't want to buy the shit from wallmartTM i just want to grow my plants in PEACE PLZ, just go and bother your own family's and leave mine alone, thank you

  • Marijuana is a plant

    It should be as liberal to use as lettuce it grows from the ground cures cancer, glacoma, helps with pain and aids. it does not cause death brain cell lose or lung cancer and the amount of auto accidents caused from it is less then caffiene caused crashes. if you think it should not be legal for medical and recrational purposes your are an ignorant test tube baby that screams slogans and NEVER did real medical reasearch on it

  • Legalizaion of marijuana will result in less violence.

    If everybody smoked pot and ran around naked, there would be no more wars. Think about how many people are in prison, or the grave, from alcohol abuse? How many broken homes and abused children? I have never met anyone arrested for driving while stoned on pot, but I have met many people for driving while intoxicated on alcohol (or drugs). Stop the senseless War on Drugs by legalizing marijuana and by treating drug abuse as the medical problem it really is... America has become "incarceration nation" by jailing its sickest and by letting the real criminals into politics.

  • This question is sophomoric.

    Some Facts:
    We know alcohol kills. 85,000 deaths annually
    We know tobacco kills. 435,000 deaths annually
    We know marijuana CAN NOT kill. 0 Deaths annually

    Any questions?

  • yes, marijuana use is a victimless crime

    Smoking marijuana doesn't effect anybody else other than yourself. People should have the right to put whatever they want into their bodies. If somebody hurts somebody while they are high then it is their fault not the fault of marijuana.

  • Yes, the legalization of marijuana seems logical despite the problems of legalizing alcohol and cigarettes; just like those two drugs people will use marijuana whether it is legal or not.

    A drug's illegality does not stop people from using it; it just hinders the government's ability to regulate the product and allows the criminal element to make a fortune from selling it to the pubic - while the government receives nothing. Just like alcohol and cigarettes, usage is better controlled because they are legal; the same could be said for marijuana. If it was legal, more safety concerns could be pushed through as well a required legal age for purchase of the stuff.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, it's a drug.

    No, it should not be legalized; it is a drug and should be treated as a drug. Anything that alters the mind should be controlled. If it truly has medical purposes, then there should be a way to make those medical purposes into a pill form and sell it as a controlled drug only.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • We simply cannot afford any more social burdens.

    As stated, we already have plenty of social burdens created by alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. There are many issues created by people under the influence of alcohol, so we cannot afford to have more people under the influence of mind/mood altering substances.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Marijuana can impact the health of consumers.

    People beleive that as majiruana is a soft drug it does no arms. Such beleif can't stand in front of the medical evidences. In the long run, majijuana is more harmfull than cigarette. The risk of addiction is real. It s our responsability to enlight the public about the health damages which can occure. We should not put people life at risk for money.

  • I do not believe marijuana should be legalized for the general population due to its dangers.

    Marijuana is a controlled substance which can easily be abused and should not be legal with the exception of medical use in limited quantities. The known effects of abuse have been studied for some time; marijuana should not be legalized for this reason as well as the crime associated with drug traffic.

    Posted by: SIyPage
  • I'm opposed to the legalization of marijuana. It will become a problem for society and cause accidents, just like alcohol has.

    When a drug is legalized, such as alcohol, it will be used by large numbers of people. If something is legalized, a lot of people will come to the conclusion it is OK to consume the drug if they have not, or consume it more often, since it would be legal and acceptable. Studies show marijuana can impair your ability to perform certain tasks, making it a lethal drug if legalized.

    Posted by: SparkRold
  • Stoners don't create history, and making marijuana legal will be one of the worst moments of ours.

    Smokers die young, but they can work for decades before dying. There are many famous and productive people who smoked, contributing to society and supporting themselves. There are famous and productive people who drank heavily, from writers to actors to politicians. Drinkers can drive drunk and kill others, but many people muddle through life despite abusing alcohol. There are no famous and productive "stoners," despite a few musicians who abuse drugs. There are no people who abuse marijuana and manage to pay their way through life. Someone can smoke a cigar every night and still pay taxes and raise a family. Someone can drink heavily every weekend and still get up Monday for work and manage to raise their children. Those who use marijuana almost never work, rarely raise their own children, and end up only draining society. Smokers are so productive that the cigarette taxes are a major source of state revenue. Alcohol taxes pay for law enforcement. Marijuana taxes wouldn't cover much if the marijuana users were expected to pay them, because they do not work after abusing the drug. There is only a cost of marijuana users, never a real benefit.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • I don't think social burdens should play a role in the legalization of marijuana since people befriend others like themselves.

    People who drink are friends with others who drink. People who smoke cigarettes tend to befriend other smokers. The same theory applies to marijuana smokers. Those who don't condone such behaviors befriend others who feel the same. This is the definition of a free society in my words. The majority of people in this country do want our society to think, act, and behave in the same manner. Marijuana smokers already have their niche of friends and legalizing it wouldn't change a thing except to people who oppose it. The people who oppose it are already the people who preach the downfalls of alcohol and tobacco and for some reason can't understand why some people would choose to do activities that they feel are wrong. Well... welcome to a free society where we have that choice regardless of what the opposition thinks.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • To legalize marijuana would but a greater burden on our already over-burdened health care industry.

    Our health care system is already over-burdened. It is about to get even more so with Pres. Obama's health care reform plan, to add another "legal" form for harming ourselves. All this does is add pressures and taxes to a system that is on the verge of collapse. It is a bad decision.

    Posted by: EmiIeP4tty
  • Marijuana should not be legal since its consumption will create lots of burdens to the society.

    Now, when people have limited access and when it is illegal to possess marijuana, we see that many young people and others are already having health problems and other problems, such as irresponsible conduct thanks to the use of marijuana. If marijuana has a non-restrictive access, similar to alcohol or cigarettes, the US society should expect a huge social burden and a big cost to its health systems.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • Why more suffering.

    I don't think cigarettes and alcohol should be banned because they are already around and accepted in society. Marijuana However, Has been illegal for decades and there is no need to reintroduce it into society. It's effects on the brain are similar to alcohol. Drunk driving already causes problems and marijuana is likely to increase those problems.

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