Knowing what we know now should a new constitution be written for the 21st Century?

Asked by: NeedChange2018
  • Learn from History

    "We the People" need to come together as many! Each and ever human being was put here for a reason. We all have something special to share. No ones right to liberty should ever be in jeopardy! We must stop the noise and let our Voice's heard! We the People

  • Islam needs a reformation but we cannot update the constitution???

    The 2nd amendment was written back when all these deadly weapons didn't exist and therefore weren't even used for wars. The 2nd amendment was written because when America was created, they thought the country possibly won't exist for even 10 years. Thus, they created the 2nd amendment so people can be prepared for battle if a group of people try to violently wipe of the existence of America off the Earth. Nowadays, America is an extremely powerful country with 4,000 nuclear bombs and a powerful military. Do we really need to worry about someone getting rid of America? The 2nd amendment was written for that time and doesn't apply to the modern world. This is just like how some stuff in the Bible or Quran were written only for the time they were written and don't apply to the modern world.

    We cannot blindly follow the constitution. If we find out that we have to do something that disobeys the constitution but it is the right thing to do, then forget the constitution. Do what's right. If the constitution said we must legalize rape, then should we legalize rape? If the constitution said we need to legalize rape, then I wouldn't be surprised one bit if there were many people demanding that rape should be legalized.

  • We should create a new one.

    In today's age we know more about today's citizens actions. Today we have the second amendment. The second amendment states that we are allowed to have guns. This amendment leads to gun violence. This is a big problem in today's day and age. I believe to fix this we need to start new with a new constitution.

  • Why change it?

    Have we forgotten why the United States of America was created? The Constitution was created to bases of our government and protects the people from tyrants. It is the only thing that is keeping the people in power rather than one person. The founding fathers thought ahead to a day where we may need to change the Consitution. That's why we are allowed to amend it to fit in with modern day problems. Because of this, there absolutely no reason as to why we need a new one, just make amendments to the new one.

    At this point and time, the USA is pretty divided. The people wouldn't even be able to agree on who would be part of creating this "new constitution". Even suggesting a group of candidates that just one person doesn't agree with could lead to another Civil War. To be honest, I am almost positive that the US would not survive that.

    It's best to just stay with what we already have. If needed, we can make amendments as long as they do not restrict our already existing rights. The country wouldn't even be able to agree on new laws, much less who would be the people writing them. Staying with the ideals that we have from the founding fathers is in the best interest of everyone.

  • Rights cannot be molded

    If rights can be shaped or molded from time to time to fit the current social construct. Then, we really dont have any rights at all. The Constitution protects us from having our rights taken away. Essentially the Bill of Rights in particular is a document that doesnt just tell us our rights. It also is a defense against abusive governments and tells those in power what they cannot do.

  • No need to.

    Look, we all know the Constitution is not perfect. Even those that wrote it quickly made amendments to it. Since then, even more have been added or replaced. Like it or not, that is what a democracy is. The majority makes the rules and with enough majority, even the Constitution can be amended.

  • Universal rights are timeless.

    The basic rights outlined in the United States Constitution are inalienable, universal, and timeless. Though, as the above voter has stated, amendments can be made to adapt to changing values (see: 13th and 19th Amendments), the values already present are fundamental to such a degree that a person without knowledge of the current Constitution would replicate it exactly, were he instructed to form a Constitution of his own making. Populists and lobbyists would have you believe the 4th Amendment is outdated in this day and age of (cyber)terrorism (see: Patriot Act) and that the 2nd Amendment is literally allowing children to kill each other in the streets. To fall for this type of dialectic is to betray the nature of the Constitution itself: to be a building block upon which the rule of law is built. It cannot and must not happen.

  • The Constitution Can Be Amended

    1.) Article 5 of the Constitution allows for the Constitution to be amended, and it has been amended 26 times to adapt it to its current state. An example would be in 1791, when Democratic-Republicans were upset that there was no bill of rights, so the first ten amendments were added to guarantee the liberties of all Americans to come.
    2.) The Constitution has been proven effective, as it is the oldest national constitution still in effect. It even survived years of starkly different administrations transitioning into power after each other and even a civil war! This is quite a departure from our old constitution, the Articles of Confederation, which nearly tore the fledgling nation apart.

    In conclusion, there is no need to scrap the Constitution.

  • There is no need.

    The Constitution of the United States already has procedure for modifying itself. Article 5 lays out the method whereby the Constitution might be amended. You can add in new rights or procedures, or change/eliminate old ones. The only reason it would be necessary to create a new Constitution is to form an entirely new government with no continuity with the old, which is also basically unnecessary since the government may be changed through voting every 2/4/6 years.

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John_C_1812 says2018-02-26T14:11:28.923
The question would depend on the Understanding of Constitution, United States Constitution, and Separation of Church and State. Are you looking for a way tp remove the separation test given by Constitution?